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Licences for using material

Hi there !

From time to time I prepare licences for organisations and individuals to use some of my photos, designs, and graphic-based work. I am not a lawyer, but picked this up from a career which I did a lot of contract writing, and technical stuff.

Some of the licences are for specific charities who want to use some of my images on say their website, or for a poster. I will sometimes make no charge for this, but make it subject to certain conditions.

It is important that if anyone approaches you to use your work, or part of it on a website, or anywhere, you are in control of the conditions that they can use the image or text. It’s all about copyright of course, and won’t go into that as it’s been heavily covered elsewhere. It goes without saying really, that before you licence, you need to own the copyright of the work. ie it’s your design or you purchased the copyright from someone with authority.

But if you do allow others to use your work, be very careful to make it clear (a) If there is a fee-charge, and if so, how that charge works (b) The limitations of using your work/image , which you can control or dictate © The duration of the licence, and what happens when it expires (d) That they indemnify you from any action arising from use of the photo, say inappropriately.
Other issues are also relevant, but each case is different.

Wondered if there are designers out there who licence their images or work, either for free, (eg charities) , or for a charge, and how did you get on ?