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Selling designs amd Licensing art work?

I was asked to design a pin badge for a museum, I have designed the item which was well received and they have made an order of pin badges. However they have also asked now asked if they could buy the deisgn from me in order to use it on some bags that they would like to sell in the Museum shop. They have offered to either pay commission for the number of bags sold or actually buy the design from me, they have agreed to always use my logo where the design appears.

This is all very new to me and I am not really sure what the best thing to do is, I have asked how the design will be used and I am leaning towards some sort of partial license whereby they would need to pay separately for each product they use it on?

I was hoping that there might be some one here in the folksy community that might have some advice or experience of this?

Oh Well done!

For starters, does your customer have a contract? they probably do and will ask you to sign. Get a copy and study it.

Maybe get in touch with these people

This blog has some insight.

Above all. If you are unsure how to proceed it is best to get professional help.

Good luck!

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Thanks Andy, will check out those links! It’s all a bit confusing!