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Patterns and Licensing

(Ronald Koorm) #1

Does anyone out there license patterns or images to suppliers /retailers which they have designed and own the copyright to ? I have various photographic and digitally based abstract and semi-abstract designs which I think could make textiles , fabrics, wallpaper etc, but the answer has to be licensing the designs to third parties, as I have no skills or knowledge in textile or even paper manufacture. Interested in any thoughts as how to go about this.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #2

I think this is a very complex area and you may need to seek legal advice or possible a kindly company who already does what you want to achieve…My hubby sells limited edition prints. Now as far as I know the painters licence them to a publisher (my hubbys supplier) and my hubby is able to order prints, mugs, mouse mats etc. etc. with the artists pictures on them…Hope this is of help…

(Liz Clark) #3

Might be worth contacting the IPO for advice in the first instance and see if they can point you in the right direction.

(Ronald Koorm) #4

Thanks for this. There are loads of companies out there who will take your design and make gift wrapping and similar for a fee, but licensing your pattern/design to others is indeed a complex area. I have knowledge of preparing legal licences in property , also to allow a ceramic artist to use some of my photographs, so have some experience, and the principles may be similar.
So many out there think they can just go on the internet and use a photo or design without thought about breaching a designer’s copyright.

(Ronald Koorm) #5

Will do ! Thanks.