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Search my own listings

(Karen Rickard) #1

Apologies if the answer to my question is elsewhere but I’ve had a look around and can’t find anything relevant - I’m still finding my way around the forums and am finding it a bit confusing.

I’ve recently returned to Folksy after a few years away and am slowly adding stock to my shop.
I like to copy listings so they have the same layout but as I get more stock it’s becoming really laborious to look through all my listings for a similar item to copy.

Is there an option to search my own listings - or copy from the shop listing (I’ve found the edit button but there doesn’t seem to be a copy option).

Maybe I’m just used to the way things work on Etsy but it does seem daft not to be able to do this - getting frustrated!

(Sasha Garrett) #2

There isn’t a way of searching through your own listings I’m afraid. I got fed up like you are so I did some strategic relisting to group similar items together so when I’m searching for something I can scan through to find the right grouping and then more closely look to find the right one. eg all my murano glass earrings are grouped together in the listings as are my cufflinks and stud earrings so when I want to add more cufflinks I can quickly scan past all the earrings knowing that they won’t be mixed in there, renew the cufflinks (so that they are at the top of my listings) find the ones I want and copy the listing. Once it is altered and listed it will be at the top of my listings above all the renewed cufflinks thus keeping the group together. This is where having a plus account is a real bonus.
Hopefully that makes sense and maybe someone has a better way of doing it.

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(Roz) #3

If you know which items you are likely to want to copy the listing for why not just make a listing “template” that you keep in drafts and then when you need it just use the copy function and edit the copy as required. The original template will then stay in drafts.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

thats a great idea!

(Helen Smith) #5

I think you can search your listings page the same way as you can search any other page, using [ctrl] F and typing in your search term. If you have more than one page of listings obviously you’ll have to keep trying until you find the right page but it should speed things up. Although I have no idea whether this works on Macs or if there is an equivalent?

(Karen Rickard) #6

Good idea - I’ll try that! Thank you :slight_smile:

(Karen Rickard) #7

That’s really helpful - I’ll try that :slight_smile: