Folksy Ltd

Listing between 2 shops

I have 2 shops, Id like to move my jewellery into my craft shop, but each time I log into each separate account shown in 2 separate tabs, somewhere along the way they both become the same shop. So what Ive just done is relist a necklace back into my jewellery shop!

Is there anyway I can stop this from happening?

Its not normally possible to log in to 2 accounts of the same site on the same device (I’ve never managed it) I think this is a security feature. If you are looking to copy the listing text from one shop to the other before hiding/ deleting the original listings you’ll probably need to sign into the jewellery shop, copy the titles/ text to a word document, log out of that account and into the craft one then copy the titles/ text from word to a new listing. That way you only need to be logged into 1 account/ shop at any time.