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Opening a second shop

(Blak Cat Designs) #1

Hi all. I’ve not been around for some time and my old shop is currently empty and in holiday mode. I was selling hand painted glasses and am now trying something new and a million miles away from painted glassware. I would like to start fresh from scratch but can’t register as a new person because my details are the same and obviously my sign in is just taking me to my old shop. I wonder if I should delete my account and restart? Advice very welcome please!

(Helen Smith) #2

I have 2 shops, it’s easily done. You do need to set up a new e-mail address for the new shop - I use a gmail address, the new e-mail is set up to forward straight to my usual address so I don’t have to go checking all over the place. You can use the same paypal account for as many shops as you like.

But, if your old shop is empty do you really want to set up a new one? Your shop name is pretty non-specific and could apply to anything. Or you could try out the lovely new feature and ask Admin to change your shop name for you. And that way you get to keep all your lovely feedback.

ETA: actually I have 3 shops because my original shop from way back in Folksy’s dim and distant past is still there too - if only we could have changed our shop names back then!

(Blak Cat Designs) #3

Thanks very much Helen. Great idea especially re my feedback and keeping it. I definitely want to change my shop name so yes I will contact admin and see if they can help me.