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Should I merge my shops?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Ive been greedy and had 4 shops on here at one point, posh jewellery/daywear jewellery/prints/crafts. After some advice as sales had become very slow I dropped down to 2 shops. My craft shop and an all jewellery types shop.
But as Im not making jewellery anymore and sales are slow, i was wondering if I should just merge the 2 into 1 shop as the jewellery delists.
What do you think?
I promote the shops the same and the jewellery has sale prices.
Do you find having 1 shop works for you or is having your different crfat types in seperate shops working better for you?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

I think it depends on the amount you are listing.

I have Dandelion’s Gallery as my main shop, but as I tend to have between 500 and 600 items listed at any one time, I couldn’t add any extra type of work without it being just too large. So I opted for a second shop - Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery. for my non-animal art and miniature paintings.

I think if you can utilise the collections in your shop then it’s fine to have a variety of items.

You can always re-open the second shop when things pick up and you are busier with more stock again :slight_smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Wow! Thats loads, I do have more to list in in both shops but as money is tight I cant really add anymore because of paying fees.

Currently making crafts out of components I already have instead of buying more, and loving the challenge. I hope to sort myself out finacially soon so I can list more things.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

That’s why I love the Plus account - for the amount I have to list it’s well worth it as then I don;t worry about fees adding up. I have Plus for both shops. My main shop is on 618 sales, with about 550 items for sale at the moment.

My second shop is on 11 sales (I opened it in January) with over 100 items, but I need to work harder on promoting that one. If I can get to 100 sales by the time the Plus account runs out in that shop I will think it worth keeping the Plus account for it, if not then I will have to reconsider.

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

I guess having more items listed makes it more interesting for viewers. Il have to look at fee comparisons and sort thinsg out.

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #6

Slightly of topic, but hope you guys with more than one shop can answer.

If I want to open a second shop do I have to create a completely new account and log off and in again to switch between them or can you have several shops under one account?


(Sara Leigh Thornton) #7

You need a second email address - you can use the same Paypal account, but for notifications you have to have a seperate email address. You need to log out of one shop to log into the other one for adding new items, editing etc, but I use the same password for both so that I don;t get confused :slight_smile:

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #8

Thank you. I will try that. At least the PP can be the same. That’s handy.

(Grimm Exhibition) #9

Glad this post popped up, as coincidently I decided to merge my 2 shops ino 1, so Ive started to add my jewellery to my craft shop.

(Moira Lawrance) #10

Just thought I would add that I am having opposite thoughts? I have fabric items such as cosmetic bags and tote bags and have recently added some knitted stuff like cowls, hand warmers, cardigans etc. I wonder if I should split my shop so that buyers can fin items more easily?
Think this may be a situation that works differently for different shops, perhaps only way to find out is to try it?