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Listing Photograph Props

Looking for some inspiration and experience from you guys.

I need to sort out my listing images and I’ve bought a fairly cheap pop-up light cube to help which arrives tomorrow.

My question is that for my product, upcycled spinnaker sailcloth pocket squares, what props, presentation items and ways of showing them off do you think would work best?

Thanks in advance,

Props can be great for photo’s as long as they don’t ‘take over’ or make the photo look too busy, sticking with the sea theme maybe some coral or shells. I like the picks you have of the jackets, maybe have a buttonhole/flower in the lapel. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jan for your thoughts, I’ll be careful not to make things too busy and try out a few options of sea, gent and sailing props…

I had purposely not worn a lapel pin in order to keep the focus on the pocket square, but I’ll try it with as well, great idea.

It’s a tricky one, who are your target market? Are the people who use the pocket squares sailing types or unrelated?
If sailing types then maybe boaty related items could be included in the background -if not then the jacket shots work,(but probably won’t fit in the tent.) Maybe one jacket for all the shots would add continuity and put the focus on the squares?
When do people use the pocket squares, are there some items that fit that theme?

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Thanks @DeborahJonesJewellery The Target Market is a tricky one… It’s broad in the fact the product can be worn in the top pocket of any jacket (Suit, Jacket, Sports Coat, Blazer etc), but narrow because only certain types of people wear them.

The fact they are made from recycled sails means that the ideal target is people involved in sailing dinghies or yachts, but the reality is that (hopefully) they look good on anyone.

I think I’ll always have at least one Jacket shot for each one I sell as that shows it off how it would look worn, the rest of the images perhaps using sailing, beach/sea-side and more ‘sophisticated’ props to emphasis the multiple audiences.

Either way I’m looking forward to getting my lighting tent and playing around to see what works!

I’m with Jan - I like the pictures of your pocket squares in use in a jacket as it makes it obvious to me what it is and what it will look like (could go either way on the button hole as it might be a bit attention grabbing). If you were going to do a more ‘still life’ type photo I would pick another nautical themed accessory that a dapper gent might have on his dressing table, anchor or sailboat cufflinks perhaps, artfully arranged on a sailing chart or book of tide times (do you get tickets/programs for Cowes or Henley? they might make good props if you can get them as I think that is an occasion when someone might wear a pocket square).


Some great ideas there @SashaGarrett, much appreciated.

Just a thought… if you wanted to tap into the nautical/ seaside wedding market (yes such a thing exists, I’ve done jewellery for a couple of them) you could do a ‘still life’ type photo with a buttonhole (seaholly perhaps) and a bow tie. Lets face it all bestmen should have a pocket hankie at the ready for when someone starts weeping so why shouldn’t they tie in with the wedding theme.

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Nice, thanks, as part of sorting my SEO I’ve added some wedding related tags etc and will try and come up with an image that works for that scenario.