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Looking for parking ticket advice

I would like to apologise in advance for my rant. But I’m also wondering whether anyone thinks I have a case? I think I do but other opinions are always good!

I live in a permit area- the permits last 2 years. Last time they were due for renewal we got a letter reminding us. (2 years ago) However yesterday I went to get in the car & noticed I had a parking ticket. It seems my permit went out of date 4 days ago and I haven’t received any sort of reminder to get a new one- and clearly haven’t been given any sort of grace period.

I believe due to not receiving any reminder I should be allowed to contest the parking ticket. After all- we’re reminded by the DVLA when our car tax needs to be renewed and that’s just every year- I can’t possibly be expected to remember when my permit runs out every 2 years am I? I don’t make a habit of checking my windscreen every time I get in the car- especially as I assumed like last time I’d get a reminder.

My friend a few houses up the road said he got a reminder 2 weeks ago- so sent off for a new permit. It hasn’t yet arrived, and he was given a parking ticket yesterday as well.

What do you reckon? Think I’ve got grounds to contest?
I will need to ring them and get a temporary code to put in the car but if I want to contest it I also need to send a seperate letter outlining why.

I really hate our local council- they have recently just increased the parking from 80p for 2 hours to £1.60 for 1 hour. This was after they made the ‘announcement’ on scrappy bits of paper taped to a couple of lamp posts and despite dispute from all local businesses (as you can imagine!) but they still can’t see the logic- it’s supposedly so they can employ another traffic warden- even though we currently have 2 and they always walk around together anyway. It’s a very small village.

Ok- I’m going to stop ranting…and possibly begin writing a letter!

Thanks folks!!

I’ve no experience with parking tickets (don’t own a car) but I’m of the opinion of write in and contest it any way especially if all it costs you is the price of a stamp. They might say you have no grounds to contest it and you’ll have to pay up but it would point out to them that there are issues with the system as people aren’t getting reminders (and aren’t getting new permits in time), if no one points out the issues they will assume that they system is working fine. If they have facebook and twitter pages it might be worth griping about it on those - you get better results, quicker complaining about planes/ trains etc via social media than via customer services.
Good Luck

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I know Councils vary from area to area, but I definitely think you should’ve received a reminder prior to expiry of your current permit. I certain you get a written reminder here in Edinburgh, although I need to check with my family later.

I would definitely contest this fine.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Especially as someone on the same street got a reminder 2 weeks ago.

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I would definitely appeal, write, contest etc. Years ago I got a fine for driving the wrong way up a 1 way street (that used to be 2 way) as I managed to contest that the signs were not clear enough to display this change in road use! Good luck and provide as much evidence as you can!

I agree about complaining on facebook/twitter, letters can get lost or be put to the bottom of a pile something negative in the public eye is more likely to get an answer (even if it is just “we’ll look into it”) also only costs you a bit of time.

Some possible good news!
Husband phoned them- explained the situation. Spoke to a pleasant enough lady who said reminders were sent out on 7th July. But we obviously explained we didn’t get one otherwise we would have renewed- as it’s free to renew and we don’t want a parking ticket! We also told her we live in a house split into 4 flats- one of which is a holiday flat so every week new people stay here- so mail does have a tendancy to walk every now and then- especially as the permit renewals were not addressed to the individual just ‘occupier’.
She said to write a letter and explain that and it should be written off. Tempted to sort of quote her and mention her name.

Thanks for your advice though folks!!!


Definitely mention her name if you have it and the date of your call as it proves you’re not just ‘trying it on’ to get out of a parking fine you have actually contacted them.

Good idea.
I think a lot of time when mail is just titled ‘to occupier’ and 4 are posted through the door of a house of flats people just assume it’s rubbish. I don’t suppose I’m the only one in the building then- will have to ask the other people who live here when I see them. They may not have realised either.

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