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Making hand made cards to sell

(patartoriginals) #1

hi can you help I am thinking of making hand made cards to hoppfuly sell
how mucth can you sell them for
from pat

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(Gloria Dean) #2

Hello Pat,

I don’t know what type of handmade card you plan to do, and as I only have a few handmade cards for sale at the moment this may not be so helpful.
I find the hand printed Linocut cards can sell between 2.50 and 5.50 a card. I think 2.50 is a little cheap so I sell them in packs to make it viable. I include postage to the UK in these prices.

Hope this helps
PS/ I like your horse rider painting :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #3

Hello Paul! Nice to see you back on the forums, and with your shop linked now. If I am buying a card from the town, I sometimes pay up to £2.99. But if I buy a card on Folksy, I have to pay for the postage as well, which sometimes makes it too expensive. I think Gloria’s idea about selling them in packs is good as it makes the postage seem not so high.

(Ali Millard) #4

I think that the price of a card depends on what type of card it is. Assuming that the card is handmade in the UK and not mass produced, I would pay over £3 (not including postage) for a non personalised card. If it’s a printed personalised card, I’d pay more. If it’s hand embellished on top I’d pay even more. And if it’s personalised, hand embellished and a total one off card which I would frame and keep forever, I’d pay even more

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(Christine E.) #5

Would you be making them from your paintings, Paul? And if so, would you be printing them yourself? As Ali says, price would depend on what sort of card it is.

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(patartoriginals) #6

hi there thank you for all you commenti am thinkingabout starting on card making so I my use the designs in the starter pack for now also I was thinking of making the cards letter box size so I can post them say £5 free post what do you all think
from paul pat

(Christine E.) #7

Would you just be sending one card for £5, Paul? If it’s an elaborate, beautifully made card I think that would be OK. It would have to be high quality.

(Dawn Marshall) #8

I sell my A5 cards for £3 plus postage, the majority of them are all hand made inked backgrounds and then hand stamped,

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(patartoriginals) #9

I realy would like to paint or dew a design on them taken from some of my paintings is it ok to drew or paint a card not print from one
from pat paul

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(Christine E.) #10

If it is something you would like to do, that would be fine! I look forward to seeing some of them.

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #11

Drawn or painted cards are fine, and people like to have something that is unique to give as a card :slight_smile:

(patartoriginals) #12

ok thank you to everyone
from paul aka pat