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What is the most you would pay for a greetings card?

(Andrea Martin) #1

As I have not been selling my cards for long and as I print them all myself, the cost to make each card is still quite high. I was thinking of increasing my prices but I’m a bit unsure if that would make them too expensive.

Currently they are A6 = £2.50 and A5 = £3.45. I can personalise a lot of the designs (mainly the A5 cards).

Could any of you possibly take a look at my shop and give your opinions on this.
Thanks in advance.

(Claire Mead) #2

Your shop is lovely. It’s difficult to know with pricing but someone suggested to me a while back to do a separate range and make them more expensive and see what happens. It won’t hurt to try increasing the prices and you can always put them back. I would try a few first as it is rather a time consuming process! As I have found out. x

(Andrea Martin) #3

Thanks for your advice Claire

(SaskiaN) #4

Unless you go for the bargain range, most cards in card shops seem to start at about £2 and go up to £4 depending on embellishments. Obviously someone ordering online also has to pay postage, but if someone is already shopping on folksy they should hopefully already be onboard with the idea of paying more for hand made. I agree on trying a separate range with a higher price point and see how you do.

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(Andrea Martin) #5

Thanks for your help. I will have a think about it.

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #6

I always say that learning what your stuff will sell at, comes with experience and time. Start off at a standard price, see how they sell, then slowly raise them, if they’re still selling your doing ok.

That said its harder to gauge on here as you wont be selling masses, where as if you also go out to events, you will be able to get a better idea faster.

(sejleather) #7

Sky’s the limit for me, lol! :joy:

Seriously, when it comes to buying cards for family and friends, I don’t mind splashing out if I see something I really like. Price is probably the last thing I look at.

First impression for me is the design, but increasingly I am looking for some nice, meaningful words inside.

Often in the mainstream shops, I see a lovely design, and the words spoil it, so I tend to buy blank for most occasions and add the words myself. However, it’d be great to buy a card that actually had the words printed.


Ps Your cards are lovely, I certainly don’t think they are expensive. You could charge more I reckon.

(Andrea Martin) #8

I’m the same, if I am buying for a close family member or friend I don’t mind paying a higher price. So I suppose most other people probably think like that too!

My cards are all blank inside, it is difficult to try and make a design / words suitable for everyones taste or needs.

Thanks for your help, I think I will try a small increase and see what happens.

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(Andrea Martin) #9

Thanks for your help.

Yes, I think it is probably a bit too soon for me to be able to judge what price they will sell best at, as I haven’t sold many or been selling very long.

I small increase will probably be best.

(Julia K Walton) #10

Lovely, colourful cards, Andrea

I normally pay £2 - £3 for a printed card and up to £6 for a handcrafted one.

Good luck :o)

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(Jill Chapman) #11

I have been selling cards here on Folksy since 2010. My cards are all feature quilling and are quite time consuming. I under charged massively when I started out but after a few months decided to double my prices to ensure I made a reasonable amount for my time and talent. Guess what? Almost immediately my sales increased quite significantly and I have never looked back. My cards are much more expensive than many others but between Folksy and Etsy I get more orders than I can cope with (I have a day job too :frowning: ). We need to value ourselves and our skills so that our buyers will too!

(Angela Callanan) #12

I agree with Jill @PaperDaisyCardDesign I have seen a lot of cards on here and I think the prices are way too low. I would pay up to £6 for a nice handmade/handprinted card and I would be willing to pay for postage on top of this too. You cannot compare a handmade/handprinted card to some mass produced piece you can buy in WH Smith - yet I see a lot of sellers with these prices. I was thinking of raising this but don’t want to tell anyone how to manage their business :slight_smile: But Jill has proved this can be done - all the best to her :slight_smile:

(Andrea Martin) #13

Thanks for your advice Angela and Jill. I print all my cards / prints etc. myself and make the bookmarks etc. myself so I think I need to stop comparing my work (and prices) to mass produced cards or cards printed at a printers.

I am going to rethink my prices as soon as I get a chance!
Thanks again

(Emma Rogerson) #14

Hi Andrea,
I have just been through the same thought process and raised my 5 x 7 inch cards from 2.75 to 3.00. Mine are also personalised and it’s too early to say if sales are affected or not. The thing is, I couldn’t afford not to put them up really! It takes a lot of time to print and package each card and we all know printer ink is a fortune!
I am just hoping Folksy buyers see the value in getting an individual card. Some say I should have put them up more but i haven’t been brave enough so far!


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