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Making jewellery

(Magpiezat) #1

Hi all I am new to folksey. I have been reading comments about selling jewellery online. In response I have changed my brand image and decided to use ribbon in all of my jewellery. Is this a good idea?do you think there is a market for it?Any advice would be much appreciated xx

(Roz) #2

I don’t sell jewellery myself but I believe the market is extremely competitive so anything that makes your jewellery unique has to be helpful. I think a brand image is a great idea but can’t see your shop to look at your items and comment. If you log out and back in again a little shop icon appears by your name that gives people a link to your shop.

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #3

Jewellery is one of the hardest things to sell at the moment. You need to be unique and stand out to be seen and promote your shop like crazy.
I don’t consider myself as having perfected either of those things and sell as much in a month as others do in a day but I think another trick on Folksy is to keep tweaking what you do until you find a formula that works for you.

I hope you do really well in your new venture, you’ll find that the forums here are great for advice and tips on selling and on the laws around distance selling :smiley:

(Magpiezat) #4

Hi thank you so much for the advice. I have made some pieces but not with ribbon yet. As I wanted to make a collection before I start selling items just yet x