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Shop appearance, selling tips?

Hi peeps, just wondered if you could take a few mins to look at my shop and offer any advice, tips on how to sell more of my jewellwry. Been on here a while now and have sold some but would like to sell more! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Oh and happy easter! :rabbit::rabbit2::slight_smile::kissing_heart::hatching_chick::baby_chick:

Hi Rebecca

Your shop is so cute. I love your quirky earrings. :blush:

I have noticed though on the items I clicked on, you haven’t used any tags when completing your listing.
Tags are super duper important and will help folks to find your lovely things.

Promotion is really important too, and it’s the thing I find the hardest with selling online.
It can be very time consuming when it’s much more fun creating.
I find sticking to a couple of social media platforms easier to organise than trying to be on top of them all.

All the best with your shop

Karen :sunny:

Thanks sweetpea, I thought I’d included tags, I’ll check again ! Thankyouuuuu xxx

I’ve just tweeted & favourited your sweet bicycle earrings :blush: :bicyclist:


I think we’d all like to sell more but it is tough especially in crowded areas like jewellery so its promotion, promotion and more promotion I’m afraid (I’m cr*p at social media so no tips on that from me) but there are a few tweeks you could make to help you with being found in searches. First up tags - double check and make sure everything has them as these are key for folksy searches. Search bots (be they folksy or google etc) like repetition so if you have put a detail in the title it is worth repeating it in the first couple of sentences of the description eg your valentines ‘I heart you’ earrings don’t mention that they are earrings in the description so a search bot might decide that ‘earrings’ isn’t a high ranking word associated with the item and so put them lower in the search results where ‘earrings’ was one of the search terms (am I making any sense here? I’ve been eating chocolate and it has muddled my brain). Search bots also can’t see photos - I was told to write my description as if describing the item to a blind person to help the robots out.
In terms of shop appearance there are a couple of things I’ve noticed. Some items are missing dimensions eg st ives bracelet - no mention of length or size of panels - these are things people like to know. A few items have fallen foul of the folksy crop - the website automatically crops images on our shop fronts or in search results to square - so bits of the item are missing from the view and it is not obvious what it is as a result (hair combs are the worst affected). I pre crop my images to square so I know what will be displayed (also means I can just drop the images into things like posters and postcards for promo purposes) but you can just leave a suitable margin so that none of the item will be cropped out.
Good Luck


Thankyou! I’ve just added tags to everything so hopefully that might make a difference! Xx

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