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(iamHayley) #1

Hi Everyone,

I’m Hayley, watercolour artist.
A Geordie a little lost in Manc.

I’m looking for art/craft fairs to sell my work this year. I sold at a stall at Chorlton Art Market for a few weeks over christmas, and although I have been offered shelf space, I prefer to sell in person, as my true passion is for pet portraits, and love to meet my customers face to face, and know where there work is going. I’m nosey like that, its a Geordie trait.

I know some fairs tend to favour craft, and wont allow artists, or prints. I would be selling a mixture of framed and unframed prints and originals.

I’m looking for one day, or weekend stalls/fairs, I can’t manage weekdays I am also full time mum.
I’m happy to travel to areas surrounding, so not just city centre events.

If you know of any events, or are looking for stall holders please give me a shout.

Much Appreciated

Hayley x

I’ve edited my post to add any links shared by the fabulous helpers who have shared groups, events and links with this thread, so I can link them all together through this top post to save people searching through, But please remember manners, if you use these links, please share a few words of thanks to the posters, and please feel free to share any other events.

Thanks x

(Stephanie Pearce) #2

Levenshulme market is supposed to be the latest ‘trendy’ market.

Altrincham do a monthly craft/artisan weekend

Macclesfield Treacle Market is brilliant (like a ‘covent garden’ of the north’) and is on at the end of the month but I do believe there is a waiting list for a stall/pitch.

(Natalie Franca) #3

Hi Hayley

Welcome to Manchester!

Levenshulme market is great, I’m on my phone at the mo, but they may have a FB page, if not, you’ll find info for it on Google I’m sure.

Altrincham Market is supposed to be good, but I’ve not been yet

Stockport craft market is a bit so so, so not really worth travelling there. One of my friends has done it a couple of times and it was really quiet.

Didsbury has an arts fair and is a great place to sell. I’ve done my best fairs there where I’ve completely sold out. Google Didsbury Arts fair and their page will come up, there’s also another Didsbury site, but I can’t remember the name, it has loads of info on of events etc coming up. Definitely worth checking out!

I’ll have a think of some other places for you.

Your work is beautiful by the way!

Best wishes
Natalie xx

(iamHayley) #4

Thank you so much Ladies,

And thank you Natalie for your kind words,

I’m happy with small fairs too, just want to get out some more! So please anyone shout out church fairs etc!

I’m so full of cabin fever I’ve taken to painting in cafes. I’ve set myself a paint a day challenge. I’m currently working on British wildlife theme,

This was last nights painting

I’m sat in the cafe on top floor of Paperchase at the moment in the city centre, painting a kingfisher.

Getting lots of weird looks may I add!

I’m on my phone also at the moment so sorry if this is badly typed I struggle with the talk folksy on iPhone!

Hayley x

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Hayley you’re my kind of girl, I’m often to be seen painting in various cafes! I love your artwork :slight_smile: Can’t help with the fairs as I don’t do them, but can probably help with the cabin fever - come over and join us on the art chat thread, we’re a friendly group of artists to chat with and share tips etc.


(Amanda Robins) #6

Levenshulme Market has a huge waiting list but it might be worth getting your name on it. Same with Didsbury Market.

(iamHayley) #7

Thank you so much everyone, I’m checking these all out now, finally nabbed my Macbook back from the husband.

Really grateful for all of your help! But please keep me (& and anyone else interested) updated for any events you know of/hear of, regular or one offs!

Thank you!

(iamHayley) #8

Hi Natalie,

Sorry to be cheeky, I’m wondering if you could give me any help with Didsbury.

I’ve had a hunt via google, and cant seem to find anywhere to sell, or for stalls, just DAF.
I have signed up, and tried to look for how to set up a stall, but everything seems to take me to forms to set up events, or to apply for performance and exhibition etc, Rather than running a stall.

Where have you set up stalls through, do you have any contacts I could use?

Sorry to pester you

Hayley x

(Natalie Franca) #9

Hiya Hayley

Sorry the delay.

You’re not cheeky at all. I’ll have a look when I get home from work tonight. I think I’ve favourited the pages.

The fair I used to do in Didsbury isn’t run anymore unfortunately, but I’m sure there’s loads more.

Natalie xx

(iamHayley) #10

Hi Natalie,

No need to apologise, you’re really helping me out, so thank you very much!

Don’t worry if you cant fine any more, I shall plod on hunting. I’ve emailed all markets mentioned so with a bit of luck. Has anyone sold at the Castlefield market in the city centre, just off deansgate?

I’ve shopped it a few times but it seemed quiet. Might just be time I went in.

Thanks again

Hayley x

(Natalie Franca) #11

Hiya @helloiamHayley

I’ve just remembered something, have a look at Manchester Craft Mafia’s FB page, website and Twitter. It’s run by a fantastic group of lovely ladies, some who I’m friends with now. You can sign up to receive emails for fairs coming up around the Greater Manchester area, stalls available etc. and they also hold monthly craft get togethers in a bar in the Northern Quarter. Its a great way of meeting new like minded people. They also run their own fairs every now and then too.

Natalie xx

EDIT: I’m home now, here are the links, hope they help xx

(Amanda Robins) #12

Didsbury Arts Festival took a break last year but I think they are planning to put it on again this year, including the craft market. They don’t usually get any info onto the website until spring though.

(iamHayley) #13

Sorry I didnt get a chance to look here yesterday, my mum has come down to visit, so the Husband and I took advantage of the rare childcare and had a date night.

Thanks again for all of the information, its keeping me so motivated. I really hope this thread will help anyone else seeking fairs too!

(iamHayley) #14

I did a few stalls here before Christmas, and I’m returning on 7th Feb, Stalls out side on a saturday, so may be of interest to anyone looking for stalls, good location, and lots of foot flow

(Liz Emery) #15


I’m reviving this topic, I hope no one minds, I have recently moved to Manchester and also recently started selling my jewellery so any advice on where I can meet other local crafters and start selling my own stuff would be much appreciated!

Liz :smile: