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Greater Manchester Area Craft Market/Pop-up shops? Anyone like to team up?

Hello All,

My name’s Liz and I’ve only just started selling my crafts (mostly jewellery) but am really keen to make a go of it and have a lot of fun along the way.

Two things I wanted to ask you all:

I live in Manchester and wondered if anyone else on here lives in the area and knows about any craft markets, pop-up shops and anywhere else you can sell your things in the Greater Manchester/North West area?

Would anyone who lives in the area like to team up with me to have a shared stand? As I’ve never sold at a craft fair/market/pop-up shop it would be great to do it together with someone and also I don’t have a huge amount of stock yet so wouldn’t need a whole stand to myself!

Let me know any advice or if you’re interested :smile:

My shop is:

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Hi Liz @Emery,
I’m originally from Manchester but to be honest I don’t really know of any there! I went to one a few weeks back which I think was the Great British Craft Festival and it was near the Reebok Stadium! Just to point out that I didn’t have a stall there, I went as a visitor!

I’d be all up for the idea but I’m moving to Wales and it’s quite possible I’ve found somewhere! I’m just waiting to hear back this evening and i’ll be going to view over the weekend. x

Good luck with your move then Kelly! I’d be happy to travel a bit out of this area to find something I can sell at so if you did want to team up on a stall somewhere do let me know and I’d be really up for it :smile:

Okay that’s great Liz :smile: @Emery x

Hi! I’m new to folksy but do sell occasional local craft fairs/markets. I’m in Manchester cathedral on 25th March and also do events at Uppermill Civic Hall