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Does anyone know how I can edit the meet the maker section of my shop please?

Click on your account, Laura, then look at the list on the left. Near the bottom is one that say Profile Setting. Click on this and you should be where you need to be :slight_smile:

Brilliant found it now, thank you :smile:

I am very privileged to have studied at Bournville School of Art.
When I studied there the teaching was based on the Bauhaus system of art education. That meant each individual student had to experience ALL disciplines the art school offered. Life drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, metalwork, jewellery, textiles, photography and still life drawing.
​I now have such a wonderful wide-range of skills at my fingertips. So when I go into my workshop and am inspired by something, I have a spectrum of creative techniques to draw from.
​Bournville School of Art gave me a toolbox for life.
Concentrating on jewellery I aim to produce uncomplicated, yet unique designs drawn from my creative imagination. As everything is ​hand-made no two pieces can be the same.