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Could someone out there help an ancient lady Folksy seller with instructions on how to change my ''meet the maker'' page I just can't figure out how to do it and it's a mess !. many thanks 'laceys arty stuff'

I have an extremely messy and misspelt ‘meet the maker’ page and as one of the more ancient shopkeepers on Folksy can not figure out how to go about editing it. Is there any kind soul out there who could help me with this one ! I am feeling rather pathetic, and would love to get it right

many thanks

Go to your account. On the left there is a list of things in blue. Go to the one called “Profile setting”. I had to check myself, haven’t changed it for years!

thank you SO much Christine ., at last I can tidy it up ! lol

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This is so handy, thanks for this as I had been looking for the same thing :slight_smile: