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Metallic colouring pencils

Hi, can anybody recommend a make of metallic colouring pencil please.
One that’s really shiny(or as shiny as pencils can be).

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I don’t know about which metallic pencils are best, but I’m really interested in the answer!

Sam x

How about these beauties!

Thanks for the info.

I saw some pencils in WHSmiths last week with a black wooden core, I thought how odd and then thought nothing of them. I since realised they could have been metallic pencils. I went back to take a look at them, low and behold I can’t find them anywhere. #annoying

I bought some metallic pencils in the Works, they give a slight shine but not what Id call metallic.
But I had some metallic gold nail varnish and that looks rather groovy.
(pencils o the left, blob of nail varnish on the right)

Ive found a iridescent watercolour paint by cosmic shimmer looks great and easy to use. Il add a pic when I can.

Photo of the silver colour cosmic shimmer products mentioned above.