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Mini baby rosary

Does anyone make mini baby rosarys about 3 inches long, nothing expensive to go on Holy Communion cards

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 do you do these?

I have made bracelet versions on a rosary for children.
I’m sure I could make something. would you want a proper rosary cross with jesus on it and the Virgin Mary bit on it?

Thanks for the reply just looking for a price as these are to go on my handmade cards, so the price is important, and l only need a basic design just with a plain cross

How’d something like that be

Sorry.picture isn’t very good the light is reflecting on it.
It measures just under 3inches so I could make it bigger. I change colours etc.
How many would you want?

That sounds like I’m assuming you want them I’m not just wondering.

It depends on the price if you give me a price then l can see if its worth my while card price wise

I can make one for. 25p
But if you want say 10 I can do them for 2.00

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Thats a brilliant price yes l can 10 of you let me know how it works then l can sort payment tomorrow for you thank you for your help

That’s brilliant. did you want them all white?
I can do baby pink, baby blue, red
What I’ll do is put a personal listing for you on my folksy site.
Think it’s the easiest way to do it.

I have listed them in my shop. They are the first item in my my shop.
Let me know what colours you want and I’ll them posted off this afternoon.

Great as soon as l start work l will go on a do it, pink and blue would be nice if thats fine with you

That’s brilliant. I’ll get to making those.

All sorted have a good week

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