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Totally New to Folksy!

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #1

Hi, New to Folksy ! been on etsy for 5 months with varying success… Slowly adding stock to my shop on here… Whats the general feeling regarding Folksy? is it worth having a etsy and folksy shop ?? at the same time…

(Roz) #2

Feeling towards folksy seems to be pretty variable. Personally I love it and do better here than anywhere else but others have a very different experience. If you look through the forum threads you will find plenty of discussion about it. Whatever platform you sell on your success is largely down to promotion which is probably why I do better here as this is the one I promote. I find folksy much friendlier than the other side and there’s always someone to help you out.

I have a shop on both platforms and I think how easy it is depends on how you stock and how much you sell. I stock the same on both (although fewer items on etsy at the mo) but don’t sell vast quantities so am able to keep an eye on things and adjust stock levels if items are sold on one. Others have separate stock for each shop making it a much easier job.

Hope this helps, good luck with the new shop.

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #3

Hi Roz, Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Great Advice, I think Folksy is the way forward then, as the shipping costs to the states etc is crazy and ETSY is mainly USA isn’t it really! But like everything it can be hit and miss cant it ! Done soo many naff craft fairs recently!! I am going to fully stock up Folksy and keep ETSY on the back burner then. hink its a good idea to keep both too! Really appreciate the advice and have given you Facebook page a like too ! Have a Great day and Happy Christmas and New Year to you ! Thanks Catt

(Sarah Lambert) #4

Hi Catt and welcome :slight_smile: I do better on Folksy than Etsy but I don’t keep my shop on Etsy very well stocked.

(Rachel) #5

Hi I have to agree with Roz, I have an Etsy, a Misi and a dewanda shop but its here that I spend my time and money as I prefer folksy to the others. Good luck with your shop. Rachel

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #6

Thanks Rachel and Sarah… Yeah with etsy had some luck… but found it hard work and wanted a UK shop cos of the postage issues! I sold one candle to a lady in the States the postage cost more than the candle !! Just the boring and tedious part is restocking my shop ha ha!! been told to try ebay too but never sold anything on their before candle wise !!! So judging by the foum on here already and the responses this is the way to go !! pass me your facebook shop links et so can Like and follow each other etc !! Thanks Catt :slight_smile:

(Deborah Jones) #7

Definitely worth having both I reckon.

Here works very well for me.

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #8

Thanks Deborah !! The responses have given me loads more confidence !! :slight_smile: