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Mounted or un-mounted prints?

Do people prefer to pay a bit extra for prints that are pre-mounted or pay less for an un-mounted print?


I added mounts to my prints, I havnt sold any online, only at craft fairs(at half price!!)

I would prefer mounted, but if it was something I really liked I would buy unmounted.

I find that I sell a bit of both. In the past I’ve found the added price of a mount put people off buying my prints. What i do now is I offer a mount as an add on. In fairs I package the prints separately, and online I have a separate listing and if bought with a print I mount it up before posting it. I find I probably sell an equal amount of both options.

I prefer them without a mount - we have a particular style of mount and frame which ties together the random collection of art on the walls. That said if i like the piece enough I will buy it mounted and then recycle the mount as they are quite useful for helping to get things to the framers flat.

Thank you all for replying, I am in two minds as to whether to sell my prints without the mounts at a lower price point. I like them with the mounts but worry that it puts people off online.

I sell both mounted and unmounted equally, so I provide both. I’ve also had people contact me to see if I have a mount for a particular print that I don’t presently have mounted, so I always keep a few by just in case. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

These are original aceos but look much better mounted although I don’t offer frames.

from artmagic

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