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My Facebook account has been hacked

(Karen McPherson) #1


Just to let you know that my facebook page has been hacked and until they find time to review the id i sent in, i have created a new one. It’s Matthew Wilson Jewellery & Gifts.

Think maybe i’ll get my old account sorted and delete them all. Don’t have time or patience to deal with this rubbish :frowning:

Anyway, i still have my Folksy store so im happy with that :smile:

Karen xx

(Janet Walker) #2

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear that. Did you have a lot of fans? Is a new account worth while since facebook have shortened the reach on the sharing of content to fans.

What other social platform are you on that you could up your engagement instead of starting from scratch?

Blessings Janet

(Jill Fairbairn) #3

Oh no! Hope you can get back to normal soon :frowning: x

(Karen McPherson) #4

I got it back yayyyy. Facebook finally decided that my ID was mine lol.

Feel free to pop over.

Karen xx