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Swap likes on Facebook?


Would anyone care to like my FB page please? Having trouble getting my numbers up! Of course I’ll like your page back :smiley: My page is

Karen X

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Of course, I’ve just popped over to like your page. You have lovely jewellery :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Karen
I liked your page in response to your message in the forum, then looked at you Folksy shop and realised just how lovely your work is! (so glad about the fur) I think I probably liked from my personal page though ( am so useless at Fb, so here is my shop page is: )
Thank you very much

Hi I’m the same with not many Facebook likes, I’ve started using Instagram which seems to be working better for me. You’ve just got a new like from me. Your jewellery is lovely, you’ve got a recently loved necklace on the front page at the moment. My Facebook page is good luck with your shop

A bit of advice - swapping likes to get your numbers up is of absolutely no use whatsoever. I would say only ever give a like to a page if you want to see the posts from it in your newsfeed - if you don’t want to see the posts you won’t interact with the page, and it will do the person running the page no good at all. Same goes when people who like your page don’t really want to follow you. If they don’t interact with your posts it will stop showing in their newsfeed. Then people get all despondant at having hundreds of likes but only a few people reached per post.

Start slowly, build up genuine likes, and gradually you will get more and more people following you who will want to genuinely see what’s happening on your page.

I have about 1800 likes, built up over about 4 years. I could have had thousands more if I had swapped likes and joined Like Ladders etc - but I would have genuine people following my page who want to see (and buy!) my work.

Slow and steady is the way with building up your Facebook following.


Thanks very much @DaisyWings, @Justtosay, @fionajohn! I’ve liked your pages back - yes I’m always liking things with my personal profile by mistake too! Sorry @Justtosay but I can’t get the link you posted to work and too many came up when I searched for your name. However, I do like your Folksy shop and have just bought a Love Cats card from you - its so cute!

@DandelionsGallery you’re probably right. It’s so hard to get the ball rolling isn’t it? Feel like I’m posting to a brick wall sometimes! Or making things for my increasingly heaving shelves at home… :upside_down_face:Thanks for the advice, it does make sense.

I agree withe previous post but as I do like your lovely jewellery I have liked your page. Hope you like mine.

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Yes! I liked your page @MillieMoth and I am happy to return any likes from any of you, just leave me a post on my Facebook page!

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Thank you very much Karen! I’ve just seen this but have already posted your card. I do try to keep my ‘likes’ genuine and as sparing as possible, but as I said (somewhere!) I genuinely like your jewellery and am glad i got to see it through following up your post. I’m sure I will be a future customer!

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