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My plus account expires!

I am on a 3 hour countdown!
Still pondering, but I have a few months to judge it. I have covered my fees, so it is a positive outcome. But, I haven’t sold anything for a few weeks now on here. So I am going to see how it goes.
Wish me luck! :hugs:

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I didn’t renew mine last year and even though I’ve done ok up to now I’m glad I didn’t renew. I don’t have that many things in my shop but if I had lots of items it would be a good deal as it allows the re-listings every day, so if you want to relist a portion of your items a few times a week it may be worth it.
You don’t have to do it straight away, you can re join the plus at any time so you can always give yourself a few weeks or even months to think about it, work out the maths and see if it’s worth it.

I doubt if I shall have quite as much to list anyway, so it may not be worth it for me, but will see.

I renewed mine at the start of the month after quite a while of not having it.

Not really sure it was the best idea now :confused:

If my sales were more regular that I will, but I’ve not had one on here since the beginning of January. Bit demoralised by it. I have even tried promotion with British Crafter’s, still nothing. Didn’t think my work was that unappealing. :thinking: @OhButtonMe

@Amberlilly Don’t forget to relist your shop items before it expires, as I think they will be listed for about 4 months. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

@Amberlilly Your work is lovely - please don’t doubt yourself! Have messaged you.

I can’t sell for toffee on Folksy and won’t be renewing my plus acc as it just doesn’t work for me as a selling platform anymore. Busy everywhere else which is marvellous!

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I relisted the day or so before! Glad to say @memicrafts

I haven’t had a sale since December I understand its the quiet part. I have been so unmotivated at the moment which is not helping at all. I thought by getting the plus account it would push me but so far not. :confounded:

Have you tried Inselly on Instagram, I have an account but not done anything with it. You can sell via your page with it and its free. Are you selling on other platforms like on the ‘other side’? Your items are great for mothers day coming up soon. @OhButtonMe

Oh what is inselly I have never seen or heard of it?

No only sell on here as didn’t like the other side.
I liked the loom of here.

Ah thank you so have you fingers crossed I sells.

Just enter Inselly and you will find it easily on Google. May be worth ago? @OhButtonMe
Let me know if it works, if you have a go?

I’m pondering too whether to renew my Plus account or just give up and close down. I’m wondering, if I decide to let existing listings run on when it expires, will I still be able to edit them, tweak tags etc, for the remaining time they have?


I’ve not renewed my plus acc Julie @NightOwlCreative but relisted everything on the last day. Yes, you can fully edit your listings until they expire. Dottie x

Hi Dottie, thanks for the helpful reply - in that case I think I’ll relist before it runs out, then start working on tags etc - I admit my listings have been neglected recently, so maybe they need a shot in the arm. I haven’t been doing much marketing owing to other commitments, but that said, my other online venues are still selling ok, so it’s hard to know what to think.

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I think the plus account is only really of benefit if you are listing lots of items all the time.
For smaller shops with less than 50 items at any one time, I really think pay - as -you - go is the best way to list.

So many times I hear shops say ‘‘it was worth it because I covered my fees’’ - just covering fees means a shop has effectively made no profit at all, and when Paypal/commission fees are taken into account may even have made a loss!

Sarah x

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I always look at mine over the year. I have slow periods (like now) but if I make a proffit over the year, then I renew which I have done every year so far and it looks like I will be again this year.

I think the Plus Account is valuable for keeping items in view. When I shut my shop for a few days, as I did last weekend, my views dropped to rock bottom, but on reopening and relisting, they’ve risen again. Unfortunately not translated into sales yet… :slight_smile:

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I may renew, but only if i can get some sales. Otherwise, no point really.