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Plus Account, are you renewing or not renewing?

(Jan Ryan) #1

For the last couple of years I’ve had the plus account, but this year after lots of thought and working out how much I’d have to list/relist to make it worth my while I’ve decided not to renew it.
I’ve worked out that financially it’s not working out for me. Since the ‘recently listed’ section of the front page has been dropped I’m not getting as many views on Folksy as I used to. Has anyone else decided not to renew?
I’d love to know that I’m not the only one.
Jan x

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Ive never gone for a plus account.
Sales are down for me too, only 1 this year so far.
If its not financially good for you then dont do it.

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(Roz) #3

It’s all a numbers game really. If you have more than about 100 items in your shop being relisted every 4 months then you may as well go for the plus account. Personally I love the freedom it gives you to try out new ideas and list things you may not be 100% sure of. I love the plus account and will be renewing when it expires.

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

I’ll be keeping the Plus account - it’s well worth it :slight_smile:

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(Deborah Jones) #5

It works for me too , Jan to September my turnover this year is better than in the last 3.
nr of sales may be down , but takings are up, hope this bodes well for xmas .

(Claire Davis) #6

I’ll definitely be renewing mine in November, I love having it!

(Maureen Laurenson) #7

I will definitely be renewing mine too. I love the freedom of listing or re-listing whenever I want to. It works for me.

(Louise Foot) #8

I’m wondering whether to get one. I’ve only made 14 sales & been hear since Jan this year but the freedom others talk of appeals. This shop is so poorly stocked compared to my other one on Etsy

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(Louise Foot) #9

been here I should have said :smile:

(Suzanne Francis) #10

it depends on how things are going. I’ve sold 139 items since I started Sep before last - so just over a year, all was going really well up until the last 4 weeks where I have sold absolutely nothing - very strange but i’m convinced it co-insides with all the changes Folksy has made to their recently listed and front page - I’m not doing anything differently, so anyway I’ll see how this Christmas goes.

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(Tanith Rouse) #11

That’s strange Suzanne, I’ve been around for about the same time as you with 141 sales and I haven’t had a sale for the last 4 weeks either. I usually have steady sales of 1 or 2 a week. I’m not doing anything differently so I’m baffled as to why, maybe you’re right about the recently listed?

(Fiona Thomson) #12

i’m pretty convinced my drop in views on folksy came after the last lot of changes on facebook.
my “seen by” thing on posts there, has gone from 2000+ down to around 600+, and so only a fraction of those “seens” will follow links across to folksy.

my plus account expired at the end of july - i’d intended to leave it as i’m only able to work on a very part time basis for now - i lasted a week before renewing it!
i’ve had 60+ sales since renewing (september was rubbish) so, given my personal circumstances, i’m really pleased with what i’ve managed to achieve.

(i’m now going to sleep until january, but i’m happy that my plus account has paid for itself until i can get back to my machine)

(Suzanne Francis) #13

I’m hoping i’m wrong - but I have a bad feeling that im right, (at least one of the reasons) it’s just so strange no sales for a whole month - it’s like no one is seeing me anymore . I know promotion is a big thing, I think for those that are already very established in that area having a huge following probably won’t be affected, but for people like me that don’t (im building it up slowly I guess!! working part time) it seems to have stunted any progress I was making. To top it off I think FB is limiting the amount of people that get to see your posts - (probably to panic you into paying for extra promotion) I suppose that will be contributing to it as well. Im really going to have to have a re-think of how to overcome this.

(Suzanne Francis) #14

yes I think FB is up to things too! oh dear it’s not looking good for me :frowning:

(Bizzy Liz) #15

I paid for a Plus account just before the changes, so I am unimpressed with it, apart from being able to re-list whenever I want there seems to be no advantage to it. I have sold nothing since August so am feeling very fed up. I am promoting on Facebook, Twitter and I have a Blog, still nothing and my views are down 40% this week. What is going wrong?

(Joy Salt) #16

I will certainly stay Plus as it works financially for me. I list a lot and sell steadily throughout the year. The the convenience of not having to bother if I list something then have to remove it as I’ve sold elsewhere is also brilliant for me.
Joy xx

(Sasha Garrett) #17

I’m not sure that there is any advantage to the plus account other than the financials so you would need to sit down and do the maths to work out if it is going to work for you. I have a plus account because I have lots of listings (most things are one offs and I list each colour way separately) and it just works out better financially for me that way. It also means that if I list something and then sell it at a craft fair I don’t get annoyed because I haven’t paid a separate listing fee for it (I never get annoyed at a sale, occasionally slightly sad at saying good bye to a creation though). However I had a gap of a couple of months between renewing my plus account as I knew I wasn’t going to be listing anything and that period was my best for sales since joining Folksy…

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(Christine Shephard) #18

Although my sales have been non-existent lately, I will still (probably) renew my plus account when it expires, although maybe not immediately. It expires in December, so I’ll probably do a big re-list just before, then leave it for a few weeks before deciding, as I doubt I’ll be adding much over that period.

I too haven’t had a sale on here for about 4 weeks now…

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(Julie Carter) #19

I won’t be renewing my plus account as my last sale was April and last year my sales were consistent. Maybe no one likes my jewellery or it maybe that I’m not promoting myself to be seen. Time restraints mean that I just don’t get chance to be on here as much as I was before, I spend more time on FB but the views are so far down on there too that I don’t seem to be winning at the moment. I don’t think that Folksy is for me anymore

(Jan Ryan) #20

Ok so I’ve been playing around with figures and a lot of guesstimates of the amount I may be listing for the next few months. I’ve loved having the Plus account up to now and I may get it again sometime in the future but for now I’m going to leave it. It runs out in November so I’ll do a big listing and see how it goes for the next few months. I’m not spending as much time as I should doing the whole networking thing. I love being on Folksy and I’ll still be plugging away. It’s great to hear all the different views. :slight_smile:
Jan x