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Need a business boost for your Folksy shop? - Tonight! (30/6)

Tonight on Twitter I am joining forces with Rae at #womaninbiz to create a power hour between 7pm and 8pm! Your retweet will reach over 100K followers! Just tweet @WhatsNewRae & @BritishCrafting

Rae & Dottie joining forces to ‘Boost Your Business’ :rocket: in #womaninbizhour

All you need to do is tweet and use the #womaninbizhour

Tweet a link to your Folksy shop - add your #foundonfolksy #folksysellers tags! Spread the word! :slight_smile:


Marvellous- Thank you! :grin:


Most welcome! Will keep a look out for you - think it’s going to be a busy hour!

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I shall be there after I have done my washing up!


You know I am not very good at this dottie and still can’t work out twitter but I DO have an account…I will give it a try…forgive me if I get it wrong…


Awww I get confused with Twitter when it gets busy. However I write my initial tweet out elsewhere, such as on my facebook ~ saved to myself! so no-one else can read it, and then copy and paste when the time is right. It does help!

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Have just tweeted you - if you add #womaninbizhour to your tweet then more people will retweet you :slight_smile:

Super quick! Many thanks :grin::blue_heart:

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You know me! No messing around! :slight_smile:


I’m sure it will be a busy and fun hour like it’s always the case in British Crafters page.

PS. I’ve sent you a message.

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thanks Susan @dottiedesigns I tried…lol…one day I will get to grips with tweeting…thanks for your help xx

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Thank you, I’ve Tweeted. :slight_smile:

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Honestly - happy to talk you through tweeting and adding photos when it’s a bit quieter :slight_smile:

A message via Folksy? Or Twitter? Fb? Will have a look! I have so many accounts at the mo! x

I sent it via your Folksy shop.

All done for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! You are a STAR :star_struck:

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You are very welcome! Twitter is great you know! Sure we have had that conversation before though :slight_smile: