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Need a stone


I’m really hoping that you lovely people will be able to help me. I’m trying to find a stone to repair this brooch. It is a 3mm av faceted diamante. My best friend inherited it and I want to repair it for her birthday so that she can take it on a cruise. I don’t work in these and was hoping someone might have 1 I could have or could point me in the right direction to buy one. It needs the pointed back so that it can glue in.

Can anyone help me?

You need a Swarovski crystal to fill it. They do chatons in all sizes and colours but white (clear) is the most popular. I use CJ Beaders because the postage is reasonable and they do the basic colours. should take you straight there!

Sam x

Year’s ago I inherited a box of this type of stone from a jeweller uncle, they were vintage back then and even more so now. I have 3 to show you, I think there all 3mm

The 1st picture the one on the left is clear with no colour on the back. The second one on the right has a gold coating on the back and sparkles more
In the 2nd picture is a clear ab coated one with a silver coating on the back.
If your interested I will make a listing for 20p and postage at cost!

That last one would be perfect thanks Sue!! Let me know when you’ve listed it and I’ll get straight on there.

I’ve listed it, 1st class, but it will go in the post tomorrow now!

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Bought it, thank you so much. Knew someone on here would be able to help.

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This is an example of how friendly and helpful Folksy is and why I love to keep in touch with the Forum. Well done.


I’ve just posted it, I’m hoping it matches perfectly and fits ok too!

Thank you so much ladies. Here is the restored brooch and if you didn’t know, I think. I agree completely with Marg, this is exactly what the forum is about!


Paula, it looks amazing now, I hope your friend is pleased with it too :purple_heart:

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She was in tears, didn’t know about me being able to sort it. Thanks again

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