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Need advice On Prints

(Kylie Tilley) #1

I have never sold prints before on Folksy and just need a little advice. The prints i have are photographic prints that have been printed on premium kodak glossy 4x6 paper. They have a slight border on for framing. I just need advice. Here is an example of what i would be selling. Im just wondering if you would mount them on card ready for framing, whether or not you would get them printed properly rather than home printer (mine doesnt print higher than 600dps) and how would you package them?

(Christine Shephard) #2

You haven’t really specified what sort of advice you’re looking for - could you expand on it a bit?

(Kylie Tilley) #3

sorry, im just wondering if you would mount them on card ready for framing, whether or not you would get them printed properly rather than home printer (mine doesnt print higher than 600dps) and how would you package them?

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #4

Personally I would have them printed properly if I didnt have a higher spec printer. Your idea of mounting them on card for framing is awesome, means that they get to their new homes ready to go. Packaging wise, I would expect a print to come to me with some protection from being folded in the post, maybe cardboard box type of thing and the print protected with bubble wrap? Hope I’ve helped and not made it a worse decision for you

Good luck with the prints

(Christine Shephard) #5

I’d have them professionally printed too - at that size it wouldn’t be very expensive - then mount and back them ready for framing. I would also put them in cellophane bags to keep them clean and send them in board envelopes.

(Donna) #6

Is that the railway bridge in shrewsbury? If not it looks just like it!! I usually call it the bridge of dooooom lol :wink:
As for your question, I’d have them printed professionally or get a printer with better definition, they’re not all that pricey anymore and you can buy card envelopes with do not bend printed on them in lots of different sizes which are strong enough to keep print safe. Unless you’re selling them framed, then I’m afraid you’ll need boxes and lots of bubble wrap.
Donna x

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

I have mine professionally printed so they look like photos. I dont think my printer would make them look professional enough.

Ironically I added mount frames to them thinking it would appeal more to the customer, but I sold more prints unmounted.
Packaging for me is sello bags for the mounted print then in a a hard backed “do not bend” envelope with some extra card in places for added protection.

(Margaret Jackson) #8

I’d give the customer the option to buy mounted or unmounted, some are happy to mount pictures themselves, and would rather not have the extra cost of paying for them already mounted.

(Kylie Tilley) #9

yes its the railway bridge in shrewsbury. i took the photo for the rails up campane

(Kylie Tilley) #10

**Thankyou all for the advice, i have alot of nice photographs i want to turn to prints. So every advice helps :smile: **

(Donna) #11

I thought it might be, It’s really scary under there lol let me know when you’ve listed it as I’d like a copy :smile:

(Kylie Tilley) #12

Trying to find somewhere to print them for me will let you know when i get it printed x

(Donna) #13

Thank you :smile:
Have you tried Jessops? They used to do printing there. I don’t know how much it’d cost though.

(Kylie Tilley) #14

i got jessops to do my last ones for my college project last year, they came out okay but i dunno where they have moved to

(Donna) #15

Ah I had heard that they might be closing down! I haven’t been into town for so long I didn’t realise they’d gone! I’m not sure where else might do printing, if I see anywhere when I’m out and about I’ll let you kinw.
Donna x

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #16

We have a railway bridge here in Bedford, which is very similar to the Shrewsbury one (I daresay there are lots of them all over the place!). It’s a bit scary to walk under it - especially if a train comes along. And in wet weather it’s all soggy and dreary, with mud and puddles - not the nicest path to walk on.
Good photo though, Donna - very atmospheric!

Just a comment to chip in with your queries - as a potential Customer, I would prefer to buy a photo print that was done on a professional-quality printer. I wouldn’t mind if it was in your home studio, or in another photographers’ studio/ shop, but I would want to know it was printed with Archival Quality inks, in the best definition possible (within reason on the price, I suppose).

My niece gets her photos printed at a local independant camera shop and they are always very good. I’ve got a couple on my wall and they haven’t faded or curled up etc, even though I only mounted them with photo corners, onto black card.

As far as mounting up for framing goes, I wouldn’t necessarily want this, but it would perhaps be nice to be offered the option to have a window mount that would fit a standard-sized frame, perhaps with the choice of white, cream, black (maybe grey?)… or whatever you yourself thought appropriate to offer. But it would might be better for you, if you offer this as a seperate listing, to cover the cost of these mounts… Not sure… anyway, I might like to be offered the option, as getting mounts can be a bit of a faff!

Thanks for asking,


Oh, PS, don’t forget to sign your work!

(Donna) #17

@LizzieMade Thats all great advice thank you :smile:
The photo was taken by @MischievousRaven though!

(Emma Higgins - Printmaker) #18

If you decide to mount your photos, I have always been very pleased with

They can cut you a mount for the particular size you want. That’s where I get mine.


(Sarah Eves) #19

I would also add you should watermark the photographs you put up on the site.
It doesn’t have to be intrusive, just in the corner, but t will prevent anyone downloading them for free.

Sarah x

(Kylie Tilley) #20

thankyou LizzieMade for the advice