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Need help and advice

I’m sorry that this is a bit me centric but I would like advice on my shop. I want this to work (as you all do I know ).

I’m having a bit of a bad day… crisis of confidence I suppose. So, please would someone critique my shop? Are the photos ok? Are the prices alright. So they have any appeal?

I’d be grateful for any help you can offer.

Hello Julia!

I think your pictures are great - clear and displayed in a way to suggest their use. Good informative descriptions, although maybe repeating yourself in a couple of places I noticed on a cushion (this is so not major and more me trying to find something!)

Well done! And best of luck with more sales :). Annie x

Just looked and your items are lovely and you have nice clear photos.
I think it just takes time and lots of promotion to get seen.
It took me over 6months to get my first sale.
Just keep doing what you are doing.
Um sure things will pick up.

Try joining in with some of the other threads that way you promote other people and they help promote your items.

I do the daily listing challenge and afew others too and it always helps.

Hope what I have said helps.

Thank you… that makes me feel a little better.

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i have just had a look and think your photos are great - the colours look good with good lighting.
I can’t find fault to be honest ! The only minor thing would be that perhpas that on some of the pages there is a lot of text - but then when i read it is is v. uesul information when buying your product.
best of luck with your shop. i think things just take time.

I think your shop is lovely and nice pics. I would try and increase your social media profile, do you join in with crafthour/craftfash/craftbuzz , handmadehour etc?

Also maybe run a little competition to draw interest? At this time of the year especially it may attract people? Maybe a free kindle case for the winner?

Also you could type in #journorequest to twitter and see if there are any bloggers still looking for items for their Christmas review lists, they will often want a sample in return -sometimes again for a competition-but its great publicity.

Good luck :smile: and hang in there x

I did notice you had sorted your pics that had been cropped by Folksy and they look great now! You have a lot of pride in your work and that comes across. I love that you design your own materials.
My only suggestion would be more variety. I really like your designs but I’m a purple and pink girl who really doesn’t like red so that cuts my choice way down! :smile:
like others have said it is all down to promotion and getting seen. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing you just have to try and be seen amongst the crowd!!
Good luck. xxx

Dear Dewdrop… Thank you taking to the time to look and for the advice. I’ve spent some time this week to expand on the colours that I have and I think that the variety can only help.