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Need more sections under departments

For selfish reasons, we need a separate department for pet items. At the moment its under Home, garden and pets.
Knowing what a huge animal lover nation we are. I think it warrants its own department.
Unless I actually put into search “dog coats” I wouldn’t know where to look if I was a buyer.


It would certainly look neater in that section if Pets had a dedicated heading. I’m also unsure as to how some pets items relate to “home and garden.” Dogs coats and neckerchiefs aren’t really either.

Sam x

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I’d agree with a separate pets section - home and garden is too big an umbrella.

Sarah x

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You can always suggest these things on the uservoice
and then let us know when you have to gather support for it.

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Found a suggestion from 2014!

Would appreciate more to vote for this if you can.

Thanks @SashaGarrett