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How do you get a new catagory

If I list my dog, guinea, chicken jumpers in my shop, when I’ve looked into Home and Pets, then the drop down menu there is nothing there that’s says dog coats, if people are looking for them specifically, they won’t know where to look, just putting them under everything else, isn’t the same.

that’s the same with my chicken jumpers, if there’s nothing specific to put them under what’s the point of me listing over 50 items on each jumper and coats, If I was a buyer and I didn’t see what I was looking for under dog coats, or chicken jumpers, I would go to etsy or ebay where I know there’s plenty.

Why don’t folksy admin add new items, there’s a lot of stuff I could list in my shop, but there’s no way Im listing and paying 15p + vat to go under everything else.

If I was wanting to buy a chicken jumper I would be more likely to enter chicken jumper in the search box, rather than guess what category it might come under. That’s how I shop on various sites, be it eBay, tesco, etc. But maybe that’s just me!


I don’t do pet items but occasionally I have items that don’t fit into a particular category so I understand but I think that the tags and seo are more important than the categories in search. :slight_smile:
I shop on a number of different sites and I can’t remember ever using the categories option, I generally put what I’m looking for in the search bar. So as long as you are putting everything you need in tags, title etc you should be ok. :slight_smile:

I never shop by category, just by search.

I can clearly see a separate section for dog coats when I search by category - it’s in the Garden & Pets section. Not sure why you’re not seeing it too.

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I agree - I never shop by category always the search box so tags, title and description are far more important to make sure you are picked up by the search. I can also see a “dog coat” category

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I’ve sold hundreds of pet signs on here and they go in the ‘everything else’ section, so clearly people search by words rather than looking through sections :slight_smile:


If enough people ask for something we do (occasionally) get it however since you would be the first to list chicken/ guinea pig/ other pet jumpers I doubt there would be sufficient demand for them to have their own categories. (and having had a look on etsy chicken jumpers don’t have their own section they are under ‘pet clothing’) @folksycontent could the ‘dog coats’ section be retitled ‘pet coats’ to cover all our furry friends?
But as others have said I would use the search function rather than going through the categories so you need to make sure you have the items well titled/ described/ tagged and you will be found regardless of which category you have put them in.

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I agree, I’ve bought loads of stuff on here and never once searched by category always by keywords.