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New banner

(Debbi) #1

Hi there folks!!! i am updating my shop for the new year and i have done a new shop banner in my packaging colours and in keeping with my shop name/style of jewellery…feedback gratefully received xx

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Looks good to me! :smile:

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(Amberlilly) #3

Very nice. Which reminds me to change back now Christmas is over!

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(Margaret Jackson) #4

Technically, Christmas isn’t over until twelfth night, so there’s lots of Christmastime still to come! :smile:

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(Myhandycrafts) #5

Looks lovely and bright and shows your work beautifully

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(Amberlilly) #6

Yes @Louisa15 but I’m a bit bah humbug! LOL!

(Margaret Jackson) #7

But are your customers bah humbug? :smile:

(Amberlilly) #8

Probably as they have stayed away!! :gift:

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(Elaine) #9

Love it Debbi, it looks super.

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(Jan Ryan) #10

It looks lovely, I love all your photo’s too. :grinning:
I’ve got to sort a new one for mine, I’ve just put a new year one in for now.

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(Debbi) #11

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments…xx

(Fallon1986) #12

@labyrinthspirit Hi there, just seen this feed, great minds think alike, as I am also in the c=process of updating my shop for a fresh look for 2016! I started with the banner, have ordered some new Thank you notelets and am currently updating wording and photos for each of the listings, whilst also reducing the number I have as it’s far too overcrowded!!

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(bluebellwoodturning) #13

My OH Mrs Mel designed my new shop banner last week hopefully to better reflect what I offer these days, there was quite a lot of cursing about pixels etc !!


(Joy Salt) #14

It’s really rather nice … back I go to check out that emeraldy coloured pot I just saw top right… :heart: