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Clearing out my shop

Hello everyone, my plus account runs out in August ( I think) so I am starting to move my jewellery and other bits and bobs over into the sale category in my shop.
I will reducing a lot of my jewellery, fused glass and beads/findings but not my lampwork beads as I will be selling them from my website, I feel pretty sad about closing my folksy shop but it just isn’t working for me anymore.
Onwards and upwards!

I’ll be sorry to see you go, good luck in your future ventures!

Sorry to read your closing your shop Joanne @LampworkbeadsbyJo.
It’s good you have your own website up and running.

All the best for the future


Thank you both, I am sorry to leave I have been here for about 7 years with two different shops :frowning: who knows maybe one day in the future I might decide to give it another go.
I’ve had my website for about 6 years now Karen it doesn’t do great but it does better than here, I want to concentrate on selling my handmade beads now and fizzle out the jewellery (which isn’t selling anywhere) my beads sell ok on my website but it is dire on here sadly.

Yes it’s very hard going getting a sale isn’t it @LampworkbeadsbyJo
I think with jewellery being such a massive handmade market the choice out there makes it difficult to stand out. Great for the folks buying, but tricky for us :pensive:
I’m trying to add more non jewellery items into the shop in the hope of reaching a wider audience.

Wishing u all the best with your beads. They are lovely. :blush:


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Thank you :slight_smile: and I suppose with me going it is one less competitor lol

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Lol Jo. :sweat_smile:

Sorry to hear your closing your shop. Its getting really hard on here no matter what you sell. All the best in the future.

Thank you Pauline :slight_smile:

We’ll be really sorry to see you go, Joanne. It’s very sad - we love your work.
Please do keep in touch and give us a shout if (when?!) you do come back.

In the meantime, if there is anything I/we can do to help, please let me know.

Thank you Camilla, I really appreciate that.

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that’s a shame Jo but I understand. My shop is very slow at the moment x

Sorry to hear you are closing up.

Just wanted to wish you big success with your website.

Thanks Di and Eileen :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you go Jo
Sales are terrible at present for all of us. I havn’t had a sale this month
Folksy has always been so good.
Don’t know whats happened
Valerie x

Thank you Valerie, I agree it was always good for me and then all of a sudden everything stopped :(. I have had 3 sales since saying I was closing so that is a good thing, hopefully it will continue until my shop is clear :wink:

So sorry to see you go Jo. Your beads are beautiful, I’d love to be able to make glass beads. Lots of luck for the future :purple_heart:

Thank you Tanith :slight_smile: