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(Dawn Sneesby) #1

I am trying to add some gift boxes to my shop to only be purchased with my jewellery. I have taken the photos but don’t know where to go from there. Do I create a new listing? but don’t know what category to list it in. Hope you can understand my ramblings.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’ve seen other people have this option. This listing might give you a starting point

Have you checked that your gift boxes will still fit with the limits of your postal choice - ie if you have allowed for large letter in your P&P will it still go as large letter in the box?

(Joy Salt) #3

Good point. I just looked and she’s using large letter rate. While I was in there looking I favourited a lovely jasper necklace.

I hate it when you go to the post office with a’ large letter and have to pay small package thus removing most profit on the sale and also making me cross with myself. Did it with a single coaster the other day - at 6mm thick there was no way it would go large letter once it was bubbled and enveloped.

(Deborah Jones) #4

I have been thinking of doing the same , but really don’t want to add another “collection” to my shop as I currently have enough to fit one line, and think it looks best that way. So not sure where to put them so they will be found

I was thinking I would add the additional postage onto the cost of the box , I also wanted to offer the option to upgrade to special delivery, but again don’t know where to put the listing. Need a reshuffle I think.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Its bad enough when as you say you’ve allowed for one rate and charged another but I think its worse when your local post office charge you one rate but the sorting office decide that it should be a different rate and the client gets on of those dreaded ‘fee to pay’ slips.

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Could you have a listing for box up grade and another for postage up grade and then make sure that they are at the top of your listings so they appear on the first page?

(Dawn Sneesby) #7

Thank you for your replies, I have managed to list them under bangles and bracelets. For the postage on the gift boxes I have put 0.00 hope this is correct as they would be paying the postage on the item wouldn’t they? I have the 25mm depth for the gift boxes but you are right once you have placed it in a padded envelope the postage rocketed to £3.60 - the post office chap informed me to just wrap box in brown paper and it should still go as large letter (the boxes are very sturdy).

(Deborah Jones) #8

Thanks Sasha , I think I might do that for the run up to Christmas - it is the only time of year I get asked.