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Advice need on gift boxes

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #1

Hi everyone
Was wondering if you lovely people cab help.
Im not sure weather do this so thought I’d ask if it’s a good idea or not.

When I sell a peice of jewellery or keyring ect I put it in a gift bag.
But I have lots of pretty gift boxes.
Was thinking of selling them separately so if you want a box with your item you can buy it.
What do you.think?
Thanks for your help. think I’m just having a brain freeze moment.

(Sally Eira) #2

hi there,
there have been a few discussions about this before.
this may help

(Sally Eira) #3


hope this help you.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

I automatically put the things I sell in a box in a bag and factor the cost of the box into the price of the item. With Christmas coming up I think its a good idea to offer gift boxes separately (it saves men the hassle of wrapping and we know how much most of them love doing that) but make sure that the postage for the box accurately reflects what you will end up paying - make sure you check to see if it is going to push the item up to small package size rather than large letter. Make sure that the listing states that the box is only for sale with another item (unless you are prepared to sell just the boxes) and then you need to figure out how you are going to let people know that they can upgrade the packaging to include the gift box (are you prepared to alter every listing to include the phrase ‘gift boxes are available please see separate listing’).

(Angela Callanan) #5

I agree with @SashaGarrett

Also looking at it from the customer’s point of view - if I am buying a piece of jewellery I would not want to pay extra for a box. In fact I might be quite irritated to be directed to a link that says if you want a box with this you’ve got to pay for it. As Sasha said you could always build the cost in to the overall price.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

Thanks for all your comments.

I do put everything in pretty gift bags at the moment.
I may list afew boxes then of anyone wants one its there.

( Valerie Dockerty) #7

I usually put my silver plated items in tissue paper with ribbon bow and organza bag
I then put them in a postal box which goes for a large letter. And charge £ 1.50 postage.
Sterling silver items I put in a box and charge about £3.30 delivery and account for the box and if I want to send recorded in the price of the item

(Kam) #8

I would definitely sell with a gift box - it also saves people having to buy a box when they receive the product…It would be a major selling point for me to have the product in a gift box already…but I wouldn’t charge an additional cost…just factor it in to the original price. :smile:

(Ali Millard) #9

I sell quite a few products that can be gift boxed (not on here though) and I charge extra for the gift box. This is because the product wrapped in tissue can be posted as a large letter, but it’s classed as a small parcel when it’s been gift boxed. The gift box is wrapped in bubble wrap and then put in a cardboard postal box, to ensure that the gift box arrives safely, so this is also factored into the gift box price. About 3/4 of my customers upgrade to a gift box. I think it’s great to offer the customer a choice as they may prefer not to have a gift box, though it’s not so easy to do offer as an added extra on here, which is such a shame.