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New here can you help please

(RiverSkye) #1

Hello there, I am new to folksy, can anyone tell me why my shop name is not showing on my banner please

(Brenda Cumming) #2

I hope someone can help you…I am no good with technical things, but welcome to Folksy…

(Sasha Garrett) #3

if you look down the left hand side of your folksy dashboard you will see a list of options - click on ‘shop appearance’ (its under shop settings), scroll down the page until you see a box next to ‘show shop name’ (its under the banner bit), tick it and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘update appearance’ button. Your shop name should now appear at the bottom left corner of your shop banner.
(If you log out and then back in to the forum it should bring up a link to your shop next to your forum handle so that we can go and have a look)

(Camilla) #4

Welcome to Folksy! If you go to your seller dashboard and then into ‘Shop Appearance’ (under Shop Settings’), there is a box you can tick to display your shop name. Check that box and your shop name should appear in your banner.

This is the link to that particular page (if you are logged into your shop it should work)

(RiverSkye) #5

Thank you for your help x

(RiverSkye) #6

Hello I have done this and still no shop name in banner?

(Sasha Garrett) #7

I’ve just had a look and it is there - it appears in the bottom left hand corner over your name, its superimposed blue on white over the banner.