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Shop Set Up: Banner and Shop Name


I’ve noticed that on some people’s shops they don’t have the shop name (which covers part of the banner) but on others they do. When I try to leave the shop name blank when editing my shop’s appearance it says I have to add this information, but having the name there obscures the view of my banner. Does anyone know how some shops have been able to leave it off?

Thank you!!!

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Are you leaving the box ‘shop name’ blank (at the top of the shop appearance page) or are you leaving the little check box ‘show shop name’ blank (underneath the place where you put your banner on the shop appearance page)? I have a shop name filled in but have unchecked the little box under the banner.

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Hi Sasha,

I’ve just noticed that little box! Thank you for your help! I’ve now left it unchecked and the name has gone… great.