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New Kitchen what would you choose?

I’m looking to change my kitchen and having a nightmare deciding, I’d rather be crafting. If you had any choice of kitchen what would you choose, gloss, wood, bright red, or traditional pine. I thought I’d ask you all your favourite trends whilst I go through the IKEA catalogue again.

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Ooo, a tricky one! Personally I would go for high gloss with an eye level oven but I would fill my kitchen with retro accessories :smiley:

I want this kitchen!

& this one…


If only my kitchen was big enough.

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I had to replace my kitchen last year. Burst pipe, plenty of damage throughout downstairs.

When we moved in 10 years ago kitchen cupboards were mid to dark wood, north facing kitchen. Very gloomy and oppressive. A few years ago we wanted to alter it but couldn’t afford new, so had it repainted and new worktops:

But new Howdens kitchen 12 months ago which I love! I only have work in progress photos on here but it will give you a taste. 4 burner induction hob with gas wok burner. New breakfast bar. Pullout larder. My most favourite room.


We’ll be having a shaker style kitchen in light Ash, when we finally finish the conservatory. At present its falling apart ie off the walls and the walls halfway up are wood panelling covered badly in white paint. That will be ripped off and nothing of the original cabinets will remain due to there dreadful state.

I do have my gas free standing cooker with eye level grill and large oven. I can’t stand built in hobs and ovens.
If it was bigger I’d have a large range cooker, we’ve already removed the door between the kitchen and the dinning room, can’t wait for the door frame to go as well

Loving the pull out larder, the new kitchen looks very swish.

I do miss the gas oven we use to have, there is not the choice there use to be.

Haha tell me about it. Our Kitchen is so small. When we watch property programs and they say ‘the kitchen is a bit small’… we’ve been thinking ‘wow that’s a big kitchen’!

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Loving the pictures v jealous of all the space.

We had a shaker style kitchen in light oak fitted 2 years ago and I love it.
If you’re considering high gloss, I would ask have you got pets or small children who are likely to leave nose prints/handprints on your cupboard doors? You could spend a lot of time cleaning and polishing. :wink:
Granite/quartz worktops can also take a bit of keeping clean too.

Last year we had a first ever new kitchen in all the forty odd years we have been married , and found DIY in Yorkshire they are so reasonable and make all the kitchen units on site which I like as it’s british made , also the showrooms are great there is no hard sell.
I would not choose a high gloss as you will always be cleaning and polishing it
So good luck .

Lowry @twinkleandgloomart I want that pink kitchen!!! It would go beautifully with our newly finished silver front room, as it’s all open plan. Not sure oh would like it though lol
To answer melsey @Melsey I think the high gloss red kitchens are amazing :grin:

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I want a shaker style, all pale and interesting.

Will be changing the kitchen here soon and it’s going to be a huge task on not a very large budget!
The kitchen is a large single storey extension with vaulted ceilings and velux roof windows plus a large window to the front and a wall of windows and french doors to the back so it’s always flooded with light. The best part for me is the proper original pantry which the previous occupant kept and is in the centre of the house, so always cool,
The kitchen is a fabulous size to play with but very difficult on such a tiny budget. We are going to keep the units but re-paint them - probably a buttermilk colour - add new wood worktops, sink and - non dripping tap :wink: We need to replace the oven and gas hob and built in fridge so will wait for the sales for those. So far we’ve had it re-wired as it was a death trap and replaced all the spots with low energy LEDS and 2 feature hanging lights over one of the work areas. We’ll also tile the floor with something - grey or cream large tiles laid pavement style.
And once we’ve done all that we’ll probably put the house up for sale!

I just recently re-decorated my Kitchen :smiley: Here’s a couple of pictures taken when it was almost finished, I think it’s a love or hate thing - I LOVE it! :heart: I adore the pictures @twinkleandgloomart posted - that would be my dream if funds were unlimited! xxxxxx

Good luck with yours


Oh my! That’s a wonderful kitchen<3 <3 <3 So much pink<3

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Thank you, I don’t think you can ever have TOO much pink :blush:


Well, that’s just fact. x


I love your creative flair, you’ve pulled off a real distinct look. It’s out there in a great way. :tada::tada:

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Thank you! :blush: :kissing_heart: