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New member introduction

(Uphillcottagestudio) #1

Hi all.
just introducing ourselves to the folksy community, uphill cottage studio is our shop, I am a woodturner, and my wife is a mixed media artist.
I feel more comfortable in my workshop,than i do on a laptop,but as the missus is on a 2 week art retreat in scotland, I thought I would join the forum for us, hope it works, fingers crossed.
look foreward to hearing from other members and replying.
thanks. ian/lyn.

(Joanne Joyce) #2

Hello and welcome to Folksy Ian and Lyn :slight_smile: I love your little bird house, so sweet!

(Liz Lothian ) #3

Hi and welcome. I love the acorns and fungi displays. Liz

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Big welcome to you Ian and Lynn :smile:

Lovely wooden items I spy within your shop

I’ve just shared your clock on my twitter account.

(Suzanne Francis) #5

welcome to the folksy forum :slight_smile:

love the acorns and toadstools - they look fab!

Suzanne :o)

(Louise Flude ) #6

Hi and welcome, your items are really lovely.

(Lynn Britton) #7

Hi Ian and Lyn, welcome to the folksy and the forum. Love your items, I think real wood is just beautiful.
Wishing you every success with your shop.
Lynn x

(Shazzaslittlegems) #8

Hi all im sharon, opened a lil shop up on here, looking forward to meeting new people and uploading more items soon ( if I can get the hang of folksy that is lol ) so do anyone have any good tips for getting our lovely crafts and pages seen ? xXx

(Brenda Cumming) #9

welcome to Folksy…get your wife to join us on the monthly art chat thread, we would love her to come and chat and show her work.

(Uphillcottagestudio) #10

Hi members.
Thanks for taking the time to welcome me to the forum.I look forward to viewing as many shops as I can and will be buying the xmas gifts from the folksy shops.

(Julie) #11

Welcome Ian/Lyn and Shazza :slight_smile: Ian, I have “loved” the little robin Christmas decoration, very cute.

Tips, Shazza - I would say join in some of the forum’s “Showcase” threads which will get you some item views within the community, and it starts to spread from there. Also a few more descriptive key words in item titles could give you a better chance to be found in searches.