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(Paige) #1

Hi guys,

So I’m new to Folksy - I’ve just been selling my stuff mainly to friends and family via facebook for a few months.
I am just wondering if anyone would be willing to have a quick look through my shop and see if you think it’s “up to standard.” I’m open to helpful criticism, and any suggestions.
Thanks, I really appreciate any input from experienced Folksy-ers.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Welcome to folksy,
My top tip (and someone had to point this out to me) is that folksy crop the main image for the listing to square on the shop front and in search results and this can lead to bits being accidentally trimmed off. Yours are beautifully staged but you might want to considered recropping a few of them because of this trimming (have a look at your shop front page to see what I mean).
Customers might also like a few extra details in the listing - what sort of wood is it painted on, what sort of paint, does it come with hanging attachments, is it sealed with wax/ varnish, could they order a different size or colour way. The tags get used in folksy searches but not in google searches so you need to make sure all the details are in the listing text for search engines to find (I’m still mastering listing writing and currently editing all of mine, wishing I’d got it right before i had so many listings)
Good Luck

(Paige) #3

Thanks I appreciate the input!! I’ll get working on some of those things! :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #4

Welcome to Folksy @HoneycombSigns :smiley:


(Paige) #5

Thanks Karen. :slight_smile: