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New On Folksy 2016

It would be interesting to see what new products everyone’s been working on. What have you listed recently?

I find it quite exciting adding brand new card designs into the mix. I listed this one yesterday - a garden themed 70th Birthday card. I’ve not done a lot of age-specific cards, but I’ve got plans to develop some children’s ones as well.


I’ve been trying my hand at making some hats this year - heres a couple of them

Am moving onto slippers too although I haven’t completed a pair yet but so far they are looking hopeful :smile:


I’ve recently taken to hand casting pendants from frit as opposed to fusing flat glass

What I am currently working on is screen printing on glass and pot melting glass (where you combine glass together in a pot and let if flow out of hole/s).

I have start personalised word art with SWAROVSKI titles

I’ve never worked with glass, so it’s really interesting reading your descriptions of how each piece has been made. Screen-printing onto glass must be tricky!

Not much different in theory to other forms of screen printing but I’m using glass powders through stencils taped to the screen onto flat glass, which is far more forgivable than wet screening. If you make a mistake the glass powder can just be swept off.

I’d been wondering if it involved stencilling with glass powder. Do you have a way of heating it up without moving the glass and messing the powder image up?

I am having a change from Tweed and knitted things. Still working in wool (love wool) but lightening things up with lovely merino and silk fibre for felting. I’m loving it, but won’t be abandoning beautiful Harris Tweed.:slight_smile:

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Little valentines frames

No, glass powders need to be melted slowly in a kiln to about 700-800 degrees, according to the finish required. But the powder generally stays in place while you transfer it.

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I have started adding little phrases to some of my pieces:


Here are some new icing Cupcake toppers and Cake decorations I have been working on this year! - all handmade & 100% edible!

Super sparkly gifts using genuine SWAROVSI crystals

I listed a new garden themed illustration print today:


I’ve been selling these box frames at craft fairs for a while, but it’s only been recently that I’ve listed them on here. Hope you like them x

Welcome to Folksy Newbies!

For a birthday princess

New shop in 2016, perfect for gifts or as home décor