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New to Folksy! Hi Everyone!

(RachaelLucasDesigns) #1

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say hi, very new to Folksy! I design greeting cards and gifts and have many more ideas that i will be branching out into such as notebooks and also wedding stationery. Hope to see you stop by my shop soon!

(proggyandtweed) #2

Hi Rachel. I’m new here too. I love your Merry Woofmas card!
Hope it all goes well with your plans.

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi Rachael @RachaelLucasDesigns

Welcome to Folksy. Your cards are lovely :blush:

All the best with your shop.


(Karen Ellam) #4

Hi Kim @proggyandtweed

Welcome to Folksy too :blush:

Your felted woolly slippers look so snug & cosy.


(proggyandtweed) #5

Thank you, Karen.

(Lynn Britton) #6

Lovely cards Kim, hope you do very well with your shop. I’ve favourited your Merry Woofmas card, it’s lovely.
Lynn x

(RachaelLucasDesigns) #7

thanks @proggyandtweed! i also love your slippers! theyre so cute! hope all goes well with you too! Rachael

(RachaelLucasDesigns) #8

thanks so much @karenscraftybitz!

(Perrine Barraud) #9

Hello, I am Perrine, I am French, a mum of a 3-year old little girl, a former scientist and now an almost full-time designer maker since June 2015. I opened my shop - Petit MushyP - on Folksy 10 days ago. I design my own items for children (my daughter is my source of inspiration and my best tester as well!). I like what is simple and unique.

(BeauxBebes) #10

Hello Rachael,

Im also new here! I’ve been on Folksy for a while but haven’t had/made the time to sit down and see how it all works in the community etc. Your cards are lovely by the way : )

I’ll be scouting the forums for tips and other lovely shops.

Michelle xx

(ABENI) #11

Hey, I am also new to Folksy. I make natural products ie soaps, shampoos, lips balms, creams etc… I am looking forward to growing personally and business wise in this community.

(Camilla) #12

Hi Rachael, Kim @proggyandtweed, Perrine @PetitMushyp, Michelle @BeauxBebes and @ABENI.

Welcome to Folksy! I’m Camilla and I’m the content editor here. If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to tag either me or @HilaryP. We hope you enjoy selling on Folksy.

And you might also want to have a look here :blush:

(ABENI) #13

Thanks for the welcome Camilla. Folksy-favourites ah, love it!! Thank you.

(proggyandtweed) #14

Thank you, Camilla. Delighted to be in Folksy favourites!

(RachaelLucasDesigns) #15

Thank you too Camilla! @folksycontent lovely to see my card in there :slight_smile:

(RachaelLucasDesigns) #16

Hi @BeauxBebes! I’m the same! very new to the whole community side of Folksy :slight_smile: lovely to meet you :slight_smile:

(RachaelLucasDesigns) #17

Hi @ABENI great to say hi!

(Adienandirisblue) #18

Hi Rachael and welcome , I’m quite new too - newish to the forums so just dipping my toe in too :smile:
Heather xx

(DottyKDesigns) #19

Hi, I’m also very new to Folksy and selling online altogether! It’s quite daunting putting your items out there for all to see but, hopefully, it will be the start of a new adventure! Your crafts and designs all look fantastic by the way…had a peek at them all. Siobhan x