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New Plans for Art In Wax in 2015 what are yours

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

Hello Everyone

I’m up early today and with a renewed enthusiasm for Art In Wax on Folksy in the year ahead …

I don’t do new years resolutions, but it is a good time to think about the things you want to do and maybe pursue ideas you have been thinking about for a while …

2014 was a great year for Art In Wax, more sales than ever before and some exciting stuff happened too, with features online and offline in blogs and a magazine for my Dolls House miniatures, commissioned to make videos for a US Encaustic company of me painting, plus lots of fun painting of course.

Folksy hasn’t been wonderful for me since the changes, I was on the best seller list in the Spring but its been very quiet since … but I am not giving up yet and will keep going while I have my plus account so I’ll be around for a long time yet …

So today I have changing some of my listings, some of my paintings will now come, as they are !! just on specialist gloss card they are painted on rather than mounted or hard backed, this will make them more affordable and lighter for postage. I will also be adding more larger paintings here too …

I would love to hear your plans too …

Hazel <<<< looking forward to a great 2015 :slight_smile:

(Caroline John) #2

I’ve had a great 2014 since returning from maternity leave, my best year to date. Folksy, however, hasn’t been amazing- my plus account doesn’t run out until June though so I will be here at least until then. Last year was really about developing my brand image and this year I will continue that, im finally happy with my photographs so will continue with the style I’m now doing. My biggest change is that I’m only focusing on knitting now so once card stocks run out I won’t be making anymore. Over the summer when knitting orders will be quieter I’ve got loads of new design ideas I want to try out.

(Liz Clark) #3

I’m having a good old think about the direction of my business. I sold 3 things in 2014, and I’m wondering if it’s worth keeping going. The unrelenting marketing one needs to do is taking its toll and a few health issues are limiting my ability to keep it up if I’m honest. I might just have to be kinder to myself and take the pressure off trying to make sales, and just go back to enjoying my craft for a little while.

You sound like you had a great 2014 Hazel, hope 2015 sees you continuing that trend! :smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

That’s Great Caroline :slight_smile: and all the best for your new plans in 2015

Thanks Liz, I know what you mean, I just want to paint but I spend as much time, marketing and Promoting my Art In Wax … getting the balance right is the kay I think and that’s not easy I find !!! Whatever you decide to do i wish you all the best …

(Helen Smith) #5

I’ve just started to photograph the lovely glass things I had left over from the Christmas fairs I did (actually not that many left, the fairs went really well!). I have some recycled bottle vases, a few pairs of cuff links and a selection of pendants to list once they’re photographed and then I hope to be listing far more glass over the coming year. Onwards and upwards!

(Roz) #6

2014 saw me moving away from general crafts and into felting. It also saw me starting to promote my shop more which seems to have paid dividends. I have just removed all my old non-felted items from my shop and those that are left are now destined for ebay! I have also started to build a dedicated web site.

I have lots of ideas for new makes in 2015 and developing some I already make. Although things are now quiet post Christmas I think I will take a chance and renew my plus account in a weeks time when it runs out as Folksy has been pretty good to me since I started promoting. I just need to find some time now to put all my ideas into practice!

Heres hoping for an enjoyable and profitable year for all.


(Thecardjeanie) #7

I didn’t have a great year on Folksy. In fact it was very disappointing. I have tried many different searches but rarely seem to be able to find my cards. With this in mind I will be reviewing the wording in my titles in 2015. I liked the idea of giving my cards desciptive names but think it might be better just to use boring old “Birthday Card” or “Wedding Card” to see if that will help.

Another innovation is that I have purchased a die cutting machine and I’m experimenting with lots of different shapes and embellishments.

Good luck to everyone for 2015.

Jeanie x

(Donna) #8

I only joined Folksy Last may, but it has been a brilliant year, I have been inspired to work with ingredients I’ve never used before. So this year I’m going to move away from soap and work more with ingredients that are so natural that you could actually eat the finished product! Although they wouldn’t taste all that good :smile:

Good luck for 2015 everyone :smile:
Donna x