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New seller selling Vintage shabby & kids shelving units have a look & say hi. Thanks

(Chicshelving) #1

Hi to all the very talented sellers on Folksy, im a newbie seller selling my unique shelving. Ive chosen Folksy hoping to attract customers that appreciate my products but also understand the amount of work that goes into producing something unique. I hope you like my work & im still adding work daily so keep popping back to see whats new. Thank you.

(Rachael H.) #2

Welcome! Your shelves are lovely :smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Hi and welcome to folksy.
had a quick look in your shop and thought I should let you know that the thumbnails in our shop front (and therefore search results) crop the photos to square so bits of your shelving units are being chopped off in them. Also you don’t have a photo of the unit without staging props (ie empty), some people would probably like to see it empty.
In your listings you mention a non folksy online shop - this is against Folksy’s terms of use so you might want to remove it.
Good luck.

(Susannah Ayre) #4

All the best on Folksy. They look good.
Just had a look - not sure if it’s been pointed out to you before but a lot of people find it incredibly difficult to read paragraphs of capital letters. It’s not very user friendly. A lot of the time it’s also actually assumed that with capitals you’re being shouted at which can be off putting for a lot of people. Easy tweaks though.
All the best!

(Baby Beanies) #5

Hello and Welcome to Folksy :smile:
Great products. Good luck!

(Margaret Jackson) #6

I second the comment about the capital letters, I feel like you’re yelling at me! :smile:

Lovely shelves though, good luck.