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New shop just opened

(Anna Norman) #1

Hi there, I’m new and just thought I’d post about my new shop i’ve just opened.
Please join my page at

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

hello Anna there doesn’t seem to be any thing in your shop.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I can see four lovely aromatheraphy items, I particularly like the bespoke blend where customers can have a blend mixed especially for their needs. I’m very into aromatherapy, good luck with your shop!

(Shirley Woosey) #4

Anna the link to your shop on the forum is to an empty shop! (I mean the link next to the little shopping trolley next to your name)

You appear to have two shops on Folksy - one with some items and one which is empty!

Shirley x

(Margaret Jackson) #5

Oh I see, I used the link in the post which works, but the shopping trolly link doesn’t. Presumably Anna created two shops but is only using one of them, could be confusing!

(Allamis Attic) #6

Hello everyone! Just opened my shop yesterday and feeling my way around the site. Anyone got any tips or advice? For example when listing it seems you have to write out a lot of the same info every time ie postage costs where it was made. Is there any way to just edit a previous listing rather than write it all again?
Thanks for any tips, all are welcomed. Thanks Bella.

(Qteacup) #7

Hi Bella, you can copy a previous listing, so in my case I may have a diary, and if I copy the listing, then I just adjust the listing for the next diary, amending the wording, and adding new photos.
Hope that makes sense.

(Allamis Attic) #8

Hi Jayne,

I tried that but as soon as I click to make a new listing they are all blank? How do you copy the listing though? So that it has all the previous listings information? Like, sell something similar on ebay,? It has all your previous listings info and like you said just remove images add new ones, alter colour etc. I can’t seem to do that here. Is there a specific way to copy a listing that I’m missing? Help! And thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile: Bella.

(Roz) #9

If you go to your dashboard and then click on listings on the left hand side you will get a list of all your listings each with an option to edit or copy them. Just click on copy and all the details will be the same then just edit the ones you want to change.

(Qteacup) #10

Hi Bella, I think that Roz has explained it for you, but just to clarify, you need to go into “Manage Listings” then you will see all of your items. Then you can select copy.
Good Luck

(Allamis Attic) #11

Thanks Roz and Jayne, that’s really helpful info! You have saved me a lot of time. Much appreciated, Bella :slight_smile: