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Newbie needs help ! :o)

Hi everyone, I have just started selling on Folksy after years on Ebay…am wondering if there is an easy way to list items that are almost similar ? ie. on Ebay, there is a ‘list similar item’ option, where you can just amend photo’s but keep the majority of what you’ve already typed in the description…
Not sure if I’ve just missed this on here, or if there is something similar, so that I don’t have to keep typing the same thing for every item ? ( hope that makes some sense ? ) x

If you go to your dashboard, click on ‘listings’, then tick the box next to the listing you want to copy, and click the ‘copy’ button, it will start up a new listing with the same info as the original, which you can then alter to suit your similar listing. Hope that makes sense!

Welcome to Folksy!

Julia x


Hi Julia, Many thanks - that will save me so much time…you’re a star x

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Ooh I didn’t know that - thanks Julia :smile:

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I’ve only ever created one brand new listing. All the others are copied and then edited.


Oh wow! No idea what I thought the ‘copy’ option was for, but didn’t twig I could use it like that. :roll_eyes:You have made my life a lot simpler! Thank you!!


If there’s a shortcut - I’ll find it! :laughing:


:joy::rofl: If there’s a long- winded way of doing something I usually find that! :roll_eyes:


haha! Gave me a laugh! :rofl: :rofl: :heartpulse:

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It would be far more useful to have that copy function on the item page instead. It’s a right royal PITA to have to go to the dashboard, then listings, then scroll through dozens of pages of listings to find the specific listing you want to copy.

Far easier and far more efficient to be able to go to “view your shop”, then open the item you want to copy, and then copy it from there.

The edit function is on the item page, so I can’t understand why Folksy hasn’t put the copy function there too.

If you check the listing you want to copy it has a date listed so you can guess which page of your listings it is on by checking the dates listed…
If you think it requires an enhancement then why don’t you suggest it to Folksy using the suggestions facility ? x

That’s exactly what I have to do which is extremely frustrating. I guess for people who only have a handful of listings it’s not too much of a hassle, but for people like myself who have hundreds of listings it’s irritating to say the least! :wink:

What’s the suggestions facility?

It was suggested in 2012 here :slight_smile:

You need to add your vote (I gave it my max of 3 :slight_smile: )
and if everyone else adds their votes too… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks - I’ve left a comment and a vote!