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NEW Shop re opened from a long time back need advise!

(Morag Lloyds) #1

Well I had a shop here years agoand to be honest wasnt on here long, then due to ill health and not able to work I have turned back to Folksy as a lifeline. I have worked hard to get my shop to look inviting and have been luckily enough to have had 2 sales but I am still very much a novice … perhaps if some of you have time you can give me some feedback and advise ?
Wondering about
Pointers to getting traffic to my shop?.
Does the shop look ok or are there some major things I have overlooked?
Do you feel spending time in the forums is important?
Do any of you advertise with magazines ?
Any other advise?

Thanks in advance!!
Morag xx

(Annie) #2

Hi Morag!

I’m a returnee too, so getting back into folksy myself. Your pictures look good as well as interesting - your artwork is fab too! Maybe elaborate a little more on the process involved to create the piece, in the description??

As far as marketing and promotion it’s the usual FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, blog (although I don’t do half of these myself for a variety of personal reasons). Business cards with each purchase (maybe you already do) and leaving a card wherever you go (even accidentally on purpose;)

Craft fairs too, although you mentioned ill health so maybe not easy for you (and bit late for this season so Easter or spring)

Hope this helps. I’m sure there’ll be other hardy crafters with loads more to offer, but welcome back :smile:

Annie x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Lovely items :smile:
Don’t forget to say in the first line of the description what the item is. ie Christmas Card. It’s a good idea to make your first line of your description matches your tiltle.

Don’t forget to match your tags with the words in your title.

Your tags for your lovely Christmas card don’t even mention it’s a card or Christmas card.

Also it’s best not to simply copy and paste your descriptions each one for each new item should be different. Describe the items a bit more.

Hanging heart hand painted with the image of a stylized owl.

You need to write the description as if the potential customer hasn’t been able to see the photos.

Some people have bad eye sight and use apts that read out the descriptions for them to help them decide on whether to purchase or not.

If you copy and paste descriptions google will not pick up your items and will see it as spam and push it down in their searches.

Hope this helps and all the best

(Sally Eira) #4

hi there -

i think that some of your items may need fuller descriptions.

I think i have read that you are okay to copy & paste descriptions within folksy - it’s when you copy and paste descriptions over several web shops (if you have them) that the problem arises with search engines finding them.

(Morag Lloyds) #5

Thanks very much for your time and your advise urbanfairy will take all this on board !
Morag xx

(Morag Lloyds) #6

Hi Sallyandthe Freckles
I am going to look at that and see if I can wade my way through them all… thank you so much for the feedback xx

(Morag Lloyds) #7

Hi EileensCraftStudio
Than you for all that I will go back over things bit by bit… sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see things and its very helpful of you thank you!
Thanks for taking the time too!!