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New shop! Any advice please?

(needled) #1

Hi there folksy world, I understand you guys are probably (hopefully?!) busy with the Christmas rush… But I would really appreciate some advice if you get chance. I’ve listed some of my products today, more to come and would love it if you proffs could have a look? All constructive criticism gratefully received! (she says, with tissue in hand)
Thanks Kay :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Hi and welcome to you.

Just a few quickie things really you need to fill in your ‘Meet the Maker’ profile
It’s best not to use all capitals in your titles as it gives the impression you are shouting at potential customers.

Your first photo really should be the one that shows the complete item not part of an item as that is the first one any one will see. If they like that one they’ll look at the rest for details.

Your descriptions require some work. The first line should really say what the items is.

You should be describing the item as if no one has seen the photo’s. Remember potential customers need to see at a glance what they are buying they can’t pick it up and examine it as if they are in a Bricks and Mortar shop.

Beaware if you do free shipping and packing you will be charged two lots of commission on that amount ie once via paypal and again via Folksy. Folksy only takes commission on item price and if the postage and packaging price is added to the item price Folksy can’t separate the two. Also Customers like to know what it is they are paying for.

Your items look well made so now you’ll need to edit them a wee bit and then start promoting them.

You’ll need to use as many social media sites as possible, don’t forget business cards/flyers and word of mouth
Hope that helps if you need more information don’t be afraid to ask we’ll all help as much as possible.

Best of luck

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Christmas rush yes, on folksy not yet… Any way, welcome to folksy. The thing I notice is the cropping of your pictures - in some of them you have obviously chosen to show only part of the item but beware Folksy crops the first picture to square on your shop front and in search results. So where you had cropped it yourself it has been cropped further - possibly too much in some cases and that will put potential customers off. Where you had the entire item in the shot it has sometimes been cropped and a bit of the bag chopped off.
Remember to include the colours of the item in your tags and description - I’m the sort of person who would search for ‘red floral bag’ which I think would describe your conran clutch bag but you don’t have red or floral in your tags or description. (I wouldn’t be able to pick a conran fabric out of a line up so that is not a term I would use in a search). Ditto the 70’s bag - pink and floral would be good descriptors. Internet search bots scan the title and first couple of sentences so you need to have all the important descriptors in there.
Hopefully you’ve not had to reach for the tissues or gin.
Good luck

(Liz Clark) #4

Hi Needled, you’ve already had some great advice. Folksy also have info on their blog for shop owners too, so it’s worth taking a look and moment to read.

I also offer free P&P to UK customers and haven’t found it to be a problem at all.

(Kay Barwick) #5

Hi Sasha, Yes I need to sort the cropped photos out and switch them around a bit. Although the pink floral cropped one went in folksy favorites today! Yay!
I plan on reshooting some as not happy with them. Will add colors etc and add main description in first few lines.
Brilliant . thanks so much for your time and help, its good to have fresh eyes on it! I’m itching to sew again, so need to get on with all this listing stuff.
All the best
Kay x

(Kay Barwick) #6

Thanks for that info Liz , that will be tonights reading! Glad the free p&p works for you. :raised_hands:
Eileen, your shouting at customers comment made me laugh! :grin: I’ll get on with sorting out my descriptions. Doesn’t free p&p allow customers to know exactly what they are getting ? Thanks so much for you time and advice, I appreciate it. Hope the next few weeks are busy for you . Kay x

(Amberlilly) #7

Hi @needled and welcome! We are a friendly bunch here on Folksy and try not to upset anyone, :grinning:
I hope we see you lots on the forum as more the merrier.
You have lovely items and most has already been said!
Photos are so important, so try and get the best shot you can and give the customer as much info as possible.
Best of luck, and happy selling!

(Jan Ryan) #8

Hi Kay, Welcome to Folksy, congratulations on opening your new shop, no real advice other than to say , enjoy the experience, the more you make, list, photograph, and generally run your shop the more you will grow and evolve, the forum and the folksy blog are a great source of information. Love your bags and wallets. :slight_smile:

(needled) #9

Thank you Jan, really nice to read. :blush:

Sorry ladies, my phone logged me into my old folksy account minkymoo from a few years back. It is still me!

(Jenny Baxter) #10

I’m still fairly new to Folksy, but it seems to me that this thread highlights so much of the Folksy ethos - it’s a friendly place where we needn’t be afraid to ask for advice and constructive criticism and, because we’re in it together, fellow sellers will help each other. Very refreshing in this cut-threat world… :smile:

(Melanie Commins) #11

Nothing new to add, but I just wanted to say how much I like your stuff! It looks fantastic (and I love your pics). Best of luck! :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #12

hi -
i think you shop looks great - i think that the photos are v.good too (clear and crisp and professional looking) and the descriptions nice and detailed.
only suggestion is to fill in the meet the maker and perhpas for the lovely 70’s floral bag perhaps use the third photo which shows it as a whole.
(i like the main cropped photo myself but probably better to use a photo showing it as a whole).

(needled) #13

Hi Melanie, thanks so much for your really lovely comments, :slight_smile:. The photography is the biggest challenge for me so feel chuffed!, your photography is so spot on! I​:heart: your shop it looks fantastic! Hope you sell lots over christmas. All the best Kay x

(needled) #14

Hi Sally, thanks for your comments. I think I’ve written about 10 different draft ‘meet the maker’ but hate them all! (I really dont like talking about myself) will have another try!
Thanks for taking the time to look , I appreciate it. Hope you have great Christmas sales! Kay x

(Sally Eira) #15

you only need a few sentences i think as you do’t want info. overload but i think it looks good when this section is filled. mine is pretty bad so i shouldn’t be giving any advice anyway!