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New Shop...sort of!

(Tilly Is My Cat) #1

I opened a shop here some time ago, dabbled with it a bit and then left it for the items to expire. I have recently started listing again but was wondering is there any way I can see my start/opening date? I’ve looked everywhere!!!
Thanks for your help

(Sasha Garrett) #2

When I clicked on your profile name it says you joined april 18th 2014 - not sure if that is when you joined the forums or folksy though.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Just tried clicking on my profile name and I now think that it might be when you joined the forum. So how about you look at your folksy bills - the first one should tell you when you did your first listing.

(Pauline Hayward) #4

@SashaGarrett that is when you joined the forum, because I’ve just done the same and that say’s April 2014. I’ve actually been here for nearly 5 years. Like you said the best way is to check your bills.

(Tilly Is My Cat) #5

Thanks for your replies. I saw that it says April but I kinda thought that must have been when I joined the forums because I know I joined before then.
Looking at my bills, it only shows back to my one and only sale last January (2014) but I know I joined before this too but I cant see any listing fees prior to that. Odd!

(Sasha Garrett) #6

If you have a vague idea of when it might be then you can check your bank records for when you paid for your plus account (if you had it then).

(Tilly Is My Cat) #7

I’ve only just opened my plus account… :slight_smile:

(Sian ) #8

Hi Samantha - welcome back! :blush:

I can see from your account details that you created your shop on:

(Tilly Is My Cat) #9

Thank you so much Sian! That’s great…is there somewhere I can find that info or is it just your records?

(Sian ) #10

It’s just in our records - sorry!

(Tilly Is My Cat) #11

No worries…thanks anyway

(Roz) #12

It might be useful for us to be able to access that information @sianfolksy - don’t know how difficult it would be to put it somewhere, maybe in our account details or something.