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New Shop Welcome

(Joy Salt) #1

Now we have the new shop feature how about giving a welcome and a boost to the lovely additions to our community by sharing some of the things we like,
I’m starting with this little beauty :smile:

(Sara Smith) #2

Great idea Joy.

I’m loving this!! :smile:

(Joy Salt) #3

Meant to add, also good idea to like the listing you are showing here as that will give it a chance on the front page -(the Drawing Drawer above just featured on there as newly liked).

(Joy Salt) #4

I do like this :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Having tried this and never been any good at it I have hearted this one

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(Rachel) #6

I really like this, looks too good to eat

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #7

Brilliant idea.

I’m loving this…

(Lynn Britton) #8

I think this is brilliant

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #9

Looks like i’m going to be adding a lot of items on here :grinning:

These are amaaaaaaaaazing.

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #10

This shop is gorgeous.

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #11

And this shop… I’ll stop now :grinning:

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(Joy Salt) #12

I rather like this :smile:

(Helen McCartney Designs) #13

I love this from the same shop…I’ve got furniture envy :grinning:

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(Margaret Jackson) #14

Great idea for a thread, I’m loving the bags from this new shop…

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(Joy Salt) #15

Here’s another new shop listing and I love it. Something about a piece of wood like this, you just want to hold it.

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(Joy Salt) #16

I saw this the other day…isn’t it a super painting.

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(Tina Martin) #17

Great idea, I found this fab coffee table;

(Joy Salt) #18

yes I showed that to my husband earlier regretful that our house is the wrong style for it.

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(Roz) #19

Loving this

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(Helen Healey) #20

Great thread. I love this little wooden trinket box.